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How 6 People Lost 60Ibs In 7 Weeks

On Saturday, our Transform for Summer Challenge finished with 6 people having lost a combined 60lbs in 7 weeks. On the 16th of April, our 7 week challenge kicked off aiming to help people lose weight, tone up and feel great coming into the summer months. And today, I’m going to run through each challenger […]

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How Kevin Lost 21 Ibs In Just 7 Weeks


The latest StrongLife Success story is how Kevin Mullen lost 21 lbs in time for summer. Just 7 weeks ago, our ‘Transform For Summer’ plan kicked off. It’s aim was to help people lose about 10 lbs and have them feeling better in clothes for summer. So to see Kevin turn up week after week […]

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Aoife’s StrongLife Transformation Story

Aoife's Stronglife Story

Today is Aoife’s Stronglife Story about how she has transformed herself by following our training and nutrition programmes. Over the last 3 months she has quickly became a superstar here in the gym with some rapid progress. Not only has she been one of the nicest people to have ever came into the gym but […]

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StrongLife Testimonial: Tracey Mulrennan

Tracey Testimonial

So today’s post is from Boyle’s very own Tracey Mulrennan who joined our Bodyfat Blitz programme and went on to completely change her lifestyle and is still going strong in the gym. Here’s what Tracey had to say about her experience with Stronglife: “Before I started in Stronglife I had tried other gyms, exercise classes […]

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My Own Weight Loss Transformation

weight loss

Here’s the story of my own weight loss transformation. West of Ireland born and raised, eating cookies was how I spent most of my days. No I’m not just going to rap my own version of the Fresh Prince to you, instead I’m going to tell you where I started and how I got to owning […]

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