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How Kevin Lost 21 Ibs In Just 7 Weeks


The latest StrongLife Success story is how Kevin Mullen lost 21 lbs in time for summer.

Just 7 weeks ago, our ‘Transform For Summer’ plan kicked off.

It’s aim was to help people lose about 10 lbs and have them feeling better in clothes for summer.

So to see Kevin turn up week after week with fantastic results was great.

Since Christmas, Kevin had been a bit frustrated.

With the long winter and crap weather, pretty much everyone was struggling to get a rhythm.

If it wasn’t ice and snow, it was lashing rain which doesn’t really motivate us.

So on the 16th of April, our Transform for Summer Challenge kicked off.

7 Weeks of committing to change, working on eating habits and focusing on weight loss.

So lets hear a bit from Kevin himself.

What Made You Sign Up To The Challenge?

I wanted to sign up to get a push on to lose weight coming into summer.

I’ve been in Stronglife a good while now and having ran a similar program last year, I knew it would work if I put the effort in.

How Did You Find The 7 Weeks Challenge?

The challenge was very well put together.

When you see the results every week you know it’s working and I didn’t have to make a massive change to my lifestyle.

How Happy Are You With Your Results?

I’m very happy with the results.

Seeing clothes become too big for you is a great feeling.

I’ve been battling with my weight for years now, it’s such a great feeling to see these results.

I have a target set with Colm to get to and I know with his help I can achieve it.

How Kevin Made Such Great Progress

In just 7 weeks, Kevin lost just over 21 Ibs and dropped off 12 inches overall.

He didn’t use any magic potions or oils.

He drank a few pints the odd weekend.

And he spent time with the wife and kids.

For anyone with a family, a job, a social life, it’s easy to fear a challenge or diet.

You suddenly fear you have to give up so much to gain so little.

But it’s not the case.

The best thing for me as Kevin’s coach, was seeing how be became so well educated over the last few months.

If he had a Saturday night out, he knew what to do the following days to offset it.

He manages his calories and food intake fantastically.

And he turned up every week and got his gym sessions done.

He was never afraid to ask for help or to ask any questions.

And he has been a pleasure to coach.

So not only did Kevin drop 21 Ibs, but he also gained the top prize worth €200 for winning our Transform For Summer Challenge!

What’s Next For Kev?

As Kevin said himself, we have set another target for him to reach by end of June.

Upon completion of that, I’m then putting him on a 4 week diet break.

This doesn’t mean you go and gorge on food and put all the weight back on.

It’s in fact for you to maintain your new bodyweight and take a few weeks to not stress over seeing lbs dropping off.

That way you can recharge and come August/September we can push back into another dieting phase and see more results.

The reason for this is – dieting is a stress on the body.

Your body doesn’t like big change.

And it can be mentally taxing.

Plus, by end of June, Kevin will quite possibly have lost upwards of 30 pounds in about 10-11 weeks.

So that’s a big change for anyone.

And I want to give him a chance to enjoy his new weight and look before we get down to business again!


So a massively well done Kevin on the results!

A pleasure as always to coach you.

I’m sure we’ll have a Heineken to celebrate!



Colm Duignan