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Joining a gym and getting your health and fitness back on track can be pretty terrifying, right?


Especially if it’s been YEARS since you’ve last exercised, you creak more than a rusty door hinge,

and feel like you have ZERO fitness.


But the good news is that we’re here to help.


See, we fully acknowledge and appreciate that you are unique.


You have different goals, levels of fitness, and injuries to work around.


That’s why we’re all about getting to know YOU as a person.


That way, we can explore what you’ve tried in the past, what worked, what didn’t,

and how we can help you take back control of your health and fitness.


And the best way to do that is by ditching the one-size-fits-all approach that many gyms adopt,

and instead, creating a tailored and sustainable plan for you.


Because at the end of the day, you deserve to feel fit, strong, and confident.


Like what you're hearing, but want to know what we do here?

Well, here's why StrongLife is different to other gyms.


Fully Coached Group Sessions

Ever feel like you'd not know what you're at in a gym? Or even fear doing something silly?

Well, in StrongLife you always have a qualified PT at hand in each session to watch over your training, help with technique, encourage and keep you safe.

Plus, since sessions are done via bookings and groups, you’re ALWAYS guaranteed access to equipment so your workout never gets impacted.

(Craic and bad jokes included)


Tailored Individual Programming

This is where our expertise comes into play.

See, even though you’ll train in a group setting, all your programming is 100% tailored and built to suit you, your goals, time constraints, and what you want to get from your training.

So, whether you want to get strong, build muscle, get the joints moving well again, or even just feel healthy, you’ll be taken care of.


Friendly Environment 
(Especially if you're a Beginner)

I know a lot of gyms can say this, but we really DO have such a friendly environment here, especially for beginners.

So even if you’re rattled with nerves on your first day, you’ll be made feel at ease with both my unique sense of humour, and all the friendly faces in here.

(Plus, we have a no A-holes policy)


Training, The StrongLife Way

Stronglife methodology of training is all about using various exercises and movements that not only help you achieve results but complement your everyday life.

We do this by using a variety of equipment, from barbells to kettlebells, dumbbells, bodyweight, sleds, balls, bikes, rowers, and more…

By working collectively, not competitively, everyone progresses.


Wondering If StrongLife Is The Right Gym For You?

Well, here’s what a few clients have to say:

“Joining StrongLife was one of the best decisions I could have made!

As I was a first-time gym goer, I was anxious and apprehensive about joining a gym, however, Colm’s advice, guidance and friendliness put me at ease straight away.

Colm provides more than a service, and his devotion to wanting all his clients to reach their goals really helped push me on.”

Aisling Feely


“Since beginning with strength training, I have definitely gained more confidence on the pitch.“ 

Truthfully, it has made a real difference in terms of my mental well-being, and going to the gym has given me so much-needed structure in my life.

I was nervous at the start but it’s been a brilliant environment to learn and Colm really made me feel at ease there straight away.


It helps that the atmosphere in there is always very cheerful and relaxed, and you can be guaranteed to have a laugh each time you go in.”


Jake McCrann


“I was suffering from a back injury for so long.


And thanks to it, I had been inactive for quite a while which led to some weight gain that I wasn’t happy about.


The best difference I’ve felt and seen is fitting into my clothes again and toning up.


Colm has been such a big supporter.

Even weeks when I didn’t lose any weight he was so encouraging while giving a nudge to get back on track when required.”

Helen Reid


“Like a lot of people, I took up running. But over the course of a few months, I started to get pains in my knees. At first, it was only mild when I was walking upstairs, but over time it got worse.

 And in the end, the pain was there all the time.

It got so bad that I was forced to stop running.

I ended up having several physio sessions which helped with the pain in the short term, but I was still not able to get rid of the pain completely. 

I told Colm about the issues I had been having and he tailored a program to try and address the problems with my knees. 

Within a few weeks of strength training, the pain in my knees was gone completely and I was able to start running again regularly.

And the best part - it’s helped take my Park Run time down from 25-minutes to  23mins 20 sec.”


Alan Emmett


Now before we jump into finding your best coaching option…

Here are the training times at StrongLife:



Monday to Thursday

4.30pm, 6pm & 7pm


5pm to 7pm


10.30am to 12pm

*Personal Training available outside of the above hours

And since we know finding the right coaching package for you can be hard, 

we’ve made it easier by creating the below options.

Find The Best Training Package For You:



2 Training Sessions Per Week

Custom Programming
Private Facebook Group with ongoing education and tutorials



3 Training Sessions Per Week


Custom Programming

Private Facebook Group with ongoing education and tutorials


     PLATINUM ALL      


All of the Gold Membership


All Access Training,

Nutrition Coaching, Accountability,

and more, via a Private App

(less than €25/week)




1 x PT Session Per Week 

(4 week block)



2 x PT Session Per Week

(4 week block)




Custom PT Package


All Access Training and

Nutrition Coaching

via Private App


The Home Package

Custom home workouts,

step targets, nutrition coaching,

and more all through a

private app.

(No equipment necessary)

(less than €2 per day)

The Gym Package

Custom 6 week training and nutrition program built

specifically for you in a 

private app
Weekly check-ins
Exercise tutorials


The 6 Week Slimdown

Slim down, tone up, and regain control over your food and exercise with tailored workouts (home or gym) and nutrition to maximize results all delivered via a private coaching app

Plus weekly check-ins!

Still have questions?

Well, here are some of the most common questions we get.

Just click each question to find out more.

How Do I Get Started?

We keep it as simple as possible - all you have to do is click on the option you want (Gym, PT, or Online),

send in your application form, and then I'll be in touch to run through a few simple things,

and book you in to get started.

What If I'm A Total Beginner?

No need to worry. We're REALLY good at helping beginners not only learn exercise and get started,

but also helping them feel comfortable within a gym or exercise environment. 

And of course, we give you lots of support to help you not only start, but keep going.

I Have Zero Fitness, Will It Suit Me?

A common worry, but one you don't need to focus on. See, whatever your fitness level is right now, that's your starting point. And we will cater for your current levels, and map out a plan to help you increase your fitness, strength, and confidence as the weeks and months go by.

I'm Afraid I Won't Know What To Be Doing

The good news here is that NOBODY has been an expert on their first day (remember your first attempt at driving?). Well, the same goes for the gym. 

Not only do we tailor your program with exercises that you feel comfortable with, but we also coach you along the way so you keep progressing in a safe manner. 

And, someone is always at hand to help out - whether it's a trainer or a friendly member.

One year from now, you will wish you started today.

So why not get in touch?

Stronglife online