About - StrongLife

I want to help you lose weight effortlessly without ever feeling like you’re on a diet. And most of all, I want to help you enjoy it

  • Are you FED UP of dieting only to give up and put it all back on again?
  • Are you SICK of not feeling good in your clothes?
  • FED UP having to buy clothes to hide your body.
  • You HATE the way you look and feel and just want to have your confidence back.
  • How would you like to lose weight effortlessly without feeling restricted or missing out on social occasions with your friends and family?

But it’s okay, I know what you’re going through…

Growing up, I was always that pudgy kid that grandparents loved to tickle because I jiggled.

However, throughout my teenage years my relationship with food deteriorated, so much so that by the age of 21 I weighed 18 stone.

Now you may not know this, but spending your teenage years being obese is absolutely crushing. I had zero confidence, hated the way I looked, avoided cameras and social occasions like the plague. Not to mention the thoughts of a girl seeing me naked petrified me.

Roll on to the age of 24 and I was 11st 7 lbs.

Great? Not really.

You see I had done it all wrong. Went on a crazy low calorie diet, restricted myself to the last and done nothing but endless amounts of cardio. Everything I’m against today!

Although I was lighter, I was far from happy with my body.Now at the age of 28, I’m much happier in my own body, packed on some muscle and now compete in powerlifting.

I’ve taken my struggles and turned them into positives. I won’t lie, I often fall back to my old ways but through experience I’m able to minimise the damage and get back on track.

Now what does all this mean for YOU?

  • I won’t let you make the same mistakes I have
  • I use my years of experience to guide you from where you are now to where you want to go.
  • Most of all, I can understand all of what you go through and ways to work through it.

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