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How 6 People Lost 60Ibs In 7 Weeks

On Saturday, our Transform for Summer Challenge finished with 6 people having lost a combined 60lbs in 7 weeks.

On the 16th of April, our 7 week challenge kicked off aiming to help people lose weight, tone up and feel great coming into the summer months.

And today, I’m going to run through each challenger and their results.

So lets kick off with the start of the show:

Kevin – 21lbs and 12 inches lost

Kevin stole the show when it came to this challenge.

There’s a full article on Kevin’s success here : How Kevin Lost 21Ibs

To see Kevin finish up with 21 lbs lost and 12 inches dropped off himself in 7 weeks was fantastic.

He’s an absolute gentleman and great to have in the gym.

You’ll find us talking about football or pints.

So to help him see great results and feel better about himself is what it’s all about.

Noelle – 7.5lbs and 9.5 inches lost

I was startled on Saturday when Noelle exclaimed that she has been known to have a bad case of ‘resting bitch face’.

Noelle started here in the gym shortly before the challenge kicked off.

And every day she strolls in the door with a big wave and smile.

Noelle has faced her own challenges when it comes to the gym.

Due to a previous severe knee injury, we have to be careful that we keep her safe and smiling.

She never caused me a minutes problem, she soon got to grips with the regressions of exercises she needed to do.

And she turned up every week without fail.

One week she missed a few sessions because of college but added them into her following week because she wanted to stay on track.

So she finished out the 7 week challenge with 7.5 lbs lost and melted off 9.5 inches.

Dare I say it, but I think she smiles even more now.

Even for someone relatively new to the gym, she has fitted in fantastically well.

Although I am slightly concerned that she may be evaluating me because she always gives me strange looks when I talk crazy.

Well done Mackerel!

Nicola – 4lbs and 6 Inches lost

While Nicola’s weight didn’t drop massively on the scales, she did make really good progress overall.

Another 6 inches dropped overall is fantastic as she’s toning up, wearing clothes she couldn’t before and is feeling good.

I wasn’t looking to push Nicola too hard diet wise on this one.

The reason being, she has now lost 10kg since Christmas and a whopping 15 inches overall.

She’s nearly half the woman she was.

At any point in dieting, your body will fight back against you.

Our bodies don’t like change.

So dieting is a stress as our body thinks we’re running out of food.

That’s why our hunger increases etc when dieting down.

So this challenge was about taking a slower approach and dropping a few more inches.

And even with a dose of a cold, Nicola didn’t miss a single session.

Even though she breaks my heart talking about GAA – whether it’s Geevagh or Sligo County, I’ll always let her in.

She’s fantastic to have around the place and she has dug me out of a hole one or twice too.

I also look to her like a mammy figure when I need advice on whether taking antibiotics with caffeine was a good idea as I was a raving lunatic.

Well done Nicola!

Keep it up!

Roisin – 9 Lbs and 8.5 Inches lost

Roisin is actually the wife of Kevin from earlier in this post.

So as Kevin would leave the gym, Roisin would hand him the kids and call on in to get her training done.

Unfortunately, Roisin doesn’t have the same enthusiasm for football or pints as Kevin would.

So we stuck to talking about weather, houses, children and normal stuff.

Roisin signed up to the challenge to kickstart some weight loss and tone up.

Off the back of the 7 Weeks, she has dropped 9 pounds and melted away 8.5 inches.

As she said herself – ‘All my summer clothes feel great on now so I’m delighted’.

One of the key reasons why we look to lose weight is to feel great.

Whether that is in clothes, in your own mind or in your birthday suit, it all counts.

Well done Roisin and it’s great to see you flying it!

And make sure to let Kev out some weekend to celebrate!

Marie – 8lbs and 8 inches lost

Marie had ran a few programs last year and called in straight away to sign up for this one when it was advertised.

While Marie would be a classic case of “sure you’d not have much to lose anyways”, she wanted to tone up and feel better in her clothes.

By the end of the challenge, she was using a bit of baling twine to keep her work pants up.

Because as we all know, work pants are the last thing you could be arsed replacing.

So Marie was left feeling delighted, 8lbs dropped and 8 inches melted off.

Most of the inches came off her stomach and hips which are the main areas ladies look at.

She done fantastic throughout and massively increased her fitness too!

Well done Marie, keep up the great work.

Kathleen – 10lbs and 9 inches lost

Kathleen had never actually set foot in a gym in her life until this challenge.

So not only was she terrified of the gym, she was afraid of jumping in the deep end.

However, she got stuck in and got up to speed with things very quickly.

While she near shot me the first week because I made her test her 2000m row time, we got on well.

And her fitness and strength had improved fantastically throughout.

From struggling with a 2000m row at the start, she breezed through in at the end.

And she’s delighted to have dropped off 10lbs, toned up and seen her clothes get too big.

Great work Kathleen, well done.

Finishing Up

So I forgot to mention that at the start, all clients had their max pushups, plank and a 2000m row time tested.

That way, we could re-assess their progress overall.

Besides weight loss, I wanted to make sure each client got fitter and stronger.

And they done unbelievable.

Kevin and Noelle DOUBLED their max plank.

Nicola added 70 seconds to her.

Roisin absolutely dominated her puhsups.

And Marie took 90 seconds off her 2000m row time!

This is probably the best challenge I’ve ran to date.

It worked really well and to see everyone get great results makes it all worth while.

Great work by everyone and the results speak for themselves.

Everyone is leaving feeling very happy with their pounds and inches lost.

Although, a girl once told me I could do with adding a few inches.

Now that I think of it, maybe she wasn’t on about my belly.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday!


Colm Duignan