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StrongLife To StrongWife: Mary Shanley

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So today’s post is how Mary Shanley has gone from StrongLife to StrongWife over the last 6 months.

On Saturday the 30th, she’s getting married and over the last 6 months we’ve worked together to have her looking awesome on her big day!

Here’s what Mary has had to say:


“Back at the start of the year I was running half marathons, walking regularly, doing exercise and always watching my diet. I was doing the same thing week in week out and getting the same results….getting nowhere!

I decided to change things up a bit and seen an article on Stronglife so called in to meet Colm. He was very welcoming and friendly. I was expecting the gym to an intimidating environment but it was far from intimidating. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging there is a great bunch of people at Stronglife.

I find Colm to be an exceptional coach and trainer. He has interest in each and every client he knows what’s going on with everyone’s training and makes sure everyone is progressing. Colm is a friend to everyone that comes in the door.

Since starting at Stronglife I have lost weight, toned up and I feel much stronger. I used to have pain in my back and since joining the gym and getting in on my personalised programme the pains are gone and my back feels much stronger. I’m delighted to be a member of this gym and cannot recommend it enough to anyone thinking of improving their life and health. Thanks for everything Colm it’s much appreciated”


Mary has done fantastic over the last few months. She has shed over 8 inches off her body while developing her strength levels rapidly. (She has joined our 100kg Deadlift club recently and knocks out easy reps at 78kg Squats too).

One of the best things about Mary is she turns up with a smile every day (the day she doesn’t is the day I run away and hide) and is never afraid to put the work in.

Throughout the stress of planning her wedding she never complained once (except for when I made her do certain exercises) and always put 100% into each session. She has always taken on my advice and put it into action and she has reaped the rewards for it.

All of us at StrongLife would like to wish her all the best on her big day and future happiness together with Gerry (let’s not forget about Sheamus too < that’s her dog in case you’re wondering).

We’ll see you after the honeymoon!



Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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