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How Ollie Lost 22Ibs For His Wedding Day


Today’s StrongLife Success Story is all about how Ollie McTiernan lost 22Ibs for his wedding day!

Ollie had been here in StrongLife about 2 years ago.

But as with life, things happen which means your focus must go elsewhere.

And it was during the summer I happened to bump into Ollie outside a supermarket.

Of course we had a good chat and he said that he must finally get back to me, but he just wasn’t ready yet.

So a few more months rolled by and I got the call from Ollie.

He had seen a 12 week plan I had advertised and he jumped at the chance to join.

So today, you’re going to hear from both myself and Ollie about how he has transformed himself for his wedding day over the Christmas period.

First off, let’s hear a little from Ollie himself:

Why did you join StrongLife Gym?

I joined StrongLife because I liked the idea that there was always someone there to show you the correct way to use the weights for max results.

Also, I was getting fed up of the treadmill and exercise bikes and seeing no results.

How do you find the coaching here?

I find the coaching great in StrongLife.

You are shown the correct way to carry out the reps and then if still using it wrong, you are corrected to ensure best results.

Also, there is a bit of humour in the place which always helps.

Tell us about the results you’ve achieved?

I’ve seen good results over 3 months at my last challenge, which I was delighted with.

The old suit fits again, which also saves having to buy another one!

I feel better and stronger and don’t get the muscle aches and pains that I used to get before I started training.

Would you recommend StrongLife Gym to a friend and why?

I would definitely recommend it as there is a friendly atmosphere there and also the times are very flexible.

Colm guides you through all the reps and no matter how many times I ask him what the “Romanian dumbbell press situp squat thingy” are he doesn’t get annoyed.

He also has lots of info on healthy eating which he shares regularly on social media.

If you put the work in, you will get results out.

Thanks Colm

How Ollie Has Lost 22Ibs For His Wedding Day

Back in September when Ollie came in, he was unhappy with how he felt and looked.

Personal life had taken priority and his fitness and eating took a back seat.

So it was time that he got back on track.

And of course with his own wedding coming up at the end of December, he wanted to feel good and confident on the day.

That and he wanted to make sure he looked the part in the wedding photos too!

So as he said himself “it’s time to make a burst at it again!”.

Now I’d love to say it was all plane sailing, but with any weight loss journey, you’ll have your ups and downs.

The first 4-6 weeks were a time where progress was slow.

While Ollie was slightly frustrated, I wasn’t.

Because I knew it was about gaining momentum, building his routine and working on his lifestyle habits.

And after a few weekly chats, Ollie suddenly hit the sweet spot.

Weight Loss Success And New Pants

Week after week, he kept coming in with more pounds and inches dropped.

It wasn’t long until he was complaining that his work trousers would hardly stay up.

After a quick chat, I advised he buy some bailing twine to keep them up, because I’m not too sure if Aileen would be happy if he got arrested for indecent exposure at work before the wedding!

By the 9th of November, he has a full stone dropped.

It’s always a nice milestone to hit.

But for Ollie, there was no stopping there.

He was feeling great, he had worked on his food and he was loving his training.

That was until one we he landed in to apologise because he couldn’t come in this…

…because he had clipped his hand with a chainsaw!

Ya feckin lunatic, you’ve 4 weeks to the wedding!” I roared at him but I think it went in one ear and out the other.

(Rumour coming out of Drumshanbo is that the shed has since been padlocked shut.)

The Happiness That Change Brings

As I sit here in December writing this, Ollie has officially dropped a fraction over 22lbs.

Not only that, but he has dropped 13 inches off his torso.

People in the gym have been admiring his progress and asking what he’s doing.

Now for anyone lifting weights and losing weight, you’ll know the scale doesn’t always tell the story.

To see Ollie now, he’s a new man.

Not only physically, but mentally too.

He comes in the door every week smiling (except the chainsaw incident!) and happy out.

To hear the happiness of him when he struts in after a suit fitting to say how he had to go down a size is great.

But to see the smiles and the confidence he has now if great.

And it’ll really show on his wedding day when he’s no longer worried about being self conscious.

For many, gyms are for the vanity aspect.

Here, I prefer to help people to live a happier life.

And if that comes with losing a few pounds, finding ways to eat better and having fun along the way, then I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

Because when I get to see the positive impact it can have for people on their big day, it’s really worth.

So a big well done to Ollie.

You’ve been a pleasure to have in here the last few months.

It’s been delightful to see you get such results.

All the best to yourself and Aileen on your big day.

And maybe stay out of the shed until after it or she’ll feckin kill ya!

Up Leitrim!



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