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Don’t Lock Yourself Into Prison Diets


Prison isn’t exactly a place we’d like to end up in, is it?

And it’d be pretty horrible to have to say goodbye to:

❌ Freedom
❌ Nights out
❌ Takeaways
❌ Wine/beer
❌ Lunch with friends
❌ Going on holidays and enjoying social events
❌ No longer playing by your own rules

To be honest, I could keep going on and on. (that’s what she said)

But here’s the thing.

We fear even the thoughts of going from enjoying life to suddenly having all the fun removed and being isolated.

Yet when it comes to dieting and trying to lose weight, that’s exactly what people do.

They imprison themselves in highly restrictive diets and crazy exercise regimes…

All just to lose a few pounds.

Whether they sign up for a plan or follow a popular diet, they end up placing huge restrictions on themselves and end up locking themselves in a prison of a diet.

While it might work for a while, they eventually can’t suffer their sentence any longer.

And what happens when they break out?

You guessed it.

They’re gone legging it for the hills to overindulge in everything they’ve been deprived of.

And with that, those Ibs come flying back on.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Because let’s face it, none of us fancies a prison diet.

So why restrict ourselves so much?

I dunno about you, but food is enjoyable, it’s social, and we all love it.

So why should we box ourselves in and be terrified of certain types of foods just to lose weight?

And in my experience, the more restriction one places on their food, the shorter the diet lasts, and the quicker the weight comes back on.

That’s why, as part of my coaching I always aim to help people understand their calorie allowances, not fear any food group, and be able to enjoy the odd bit of chocolate, wine, etc.

All while seeing results when they look in the mirror, put on clothes, and how they feel.

So whatever you do, don’t imprison yourself just to lose some lbs.



Colm Duignan