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How Cassandra Lost A Stone After Having Twins

Today’s StrongLife Success story is about how Boyle’s own Cassandra Battles has dropped a stone after having twins.

Back in October, Cassandra made the nervous entrance into the gym.

She had been looking at the possibility of losing some weight.

But after going through childbirth, she was apprehensive as to how much she could do.

And of course, she feared that her fitness might have deteriorated a lot.

But today, I’m delighted to be presenting you Cassandra’s story.

Over the last 11 weeks she has been doing fantastic.

So before I ramble on too much, here’s a bit from Cassandra herself.

What Made You Join StrongLife?

I had twins back in March this year, 7 months had passed and I was carrying a lot of weight.

I was at my heaviest and feeling really unhappy with how I looked.

Previously, I had gone to a couple of fitness classes before.

I loved the strength training side of working out, not so much the cardio side of things.

This was what attracted me to Stronglife initially as it doesn’t focus on treadmills.

Colm was running an 8 week programme so I made the plunge and signed up.

I felt really nervous about it but there was no need because Colm made me feel really comfortable from the get go.

During the program I had to stick to a daily calorie intake. 

Although I was watching what I was eating I never felt deprived of food which was great.

Yet, I was still getting the results.

After the first couple of weeks I started to feel a lot stronger, clothes were starting to get looser and I was feeling much happier in myself.

Only for Stronglife and Colm keeping me motivated, I wouldn’t be a stone lighter today and feeling a lot stronger, fitter and more confident.

How Do You Find The Coaching?

From the first night I walked in the door, Colm made me feel really comfortable.  

Colm has given me lots of advice on making better food choices and if you’re unsure of anything in the gym he is always really helpful.

Having a weak lower back along with having surgery a couple months prior to joining, Colm was very helpful in coming up with alternative exercises.

That way I knew I was safe and could exercise within my own abilities which is very comforting.

What’s The Most Positive Results You’ve Seen?

I have been going to Stronglife now for only 11 weeks.

Each week I’ve been dropping pounds and inches without having to stop everything in my life.

To date, I have lost a total of 14 lbs and 14.5 inches overall.

Would You Recommend It To A Friend And Why?

Yes, I’ve already been recommending it to a couple of people. 

I really enjoy coming to StrongLife there is a real laid back atmosphere and always plenty of craic.

In the 11 weeks I have been going to Stronglife, I have been getting great results and I’ve still been able to eat plenty,

I’m just more mindful of what I am eating.

There is great variety in Colm’s programs and he has a very well equipped gym.

I would highly recommend Stronglife.


From Twins To Success, How Cassandra Done It

Cassandra really has been the ideal client.

While having young twins to look after, keep the house in order and also try and find some time to sleep, she didn’t miss a single gym session over the last 11 weeks.

She never came in with excuses or complaints.

And she always asked questions and took on board any advice.

Although maybe a bit laid back, she always turned up and got the work done.

For anyone reading this that may have a baby or even twins, you’ll know how hard it is to juggle all and find time for yourself.

So it really is a credit to Cassandra for making the time and putting the effort in to chase her goals, especially in the weeks to Christmas.

But not only is it Cassandra, there’s also Ben at home who’s more than happy to look after the babies and let her get off to the gym.

Teamwork at it’s finest.

And that allowed Cassandra to come in and take on the challenge.

And she’s happy to be down a stone in weight with a massive reduction in inches too!

So a massive well done to Cassandra!

It’s great to see you looking happier and more confident in yourself since the day you joined.

And sure we’ll keep her lit in 2019 too!




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