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Rebekah’s Journey From Fitness Test To StrongLife Success


So Rebekah has been quite the regular here in StrongLife the last 2 years.

Having come in to get fitter for an exam, to getting strong and then getting lean for a wedding, she’s done it all.

Not only that, she has become quite a popular figure in here.

Although, 2 years later and she’s still not able to take a bit of banter!

So today’s article is all about Rebekah’s journey from fitness test to StrongLife success.

I’ll let Rebekah take it from here:

So Rebekah, You’ve Been In Stronglife 2 Years, What Made You Join And Why Have You Stayed?

I initially joined Stronglife to help prepare for my fitness test for the Guards back in 2017.

I couldn’t do a push-up to save my life and this was one of the criteria’s for the fitness test.

My friend recommended Stronglife Gym and told me to try it out one of the evenings. So that I did.

She gave me the directions to the gym and I still managed to get lost!

After a quick phone call I eventually found the gym and nervously walked in and I’ve never looked back since.

Colm helped get my techniques right for my push-ups and sits up for the fitness test and I passed with flying colours when the day came.

I stayed at Stronglife because I could see such a difference in my fitness and strength since I joined.

I made great progress up until the fitness test and I wanted this to improve more and see how far I could go.

Most people say it’s different to every other gym and they’re right.

You can have the craic at the gym and still get your workout done.

Everyone in the gym is so friendly and everyone helps each other out whether they’re there years or just newly in the door.

Tell us about some of the results you’ve gotten here in your training?

My first result would have been able to do push-ups.

I was serious when I said I couldn’t do one!

So being able to do 20 for my fitness test speaks for the gym and Colm’s knowledge and coaching itself.

I then challenged myself to an 8-week strength challenge.

I had been in the gym a good while now and wanted to try something different so I threw my name down.

By the end of the 8-weeks I had a max squat of 60kg, 40kg bench and I joined the 100kg Deadlift club.

And these numbers have grown since then and will hopefully rise more in the future.

In September, I asked Colm if he would do up a toning programme for me.

I had a family wedding coming up at the end of October and I wanted to feel more comfortable on the day.

I knew I didn’t have much weight to lose and I just wanted to get toned.

Yet, I somehow still managed to lose a bit of weight which is always an extra bonus.

Rebekah dropped 3kg (6.6Ibs) in about 6 or 7 weeks, so for someone already lean that’s a great results.

A lot of gyms can be about vanity aspects.

Instead, I understand that majority of girls just want to feel better in their clothes and body. 

So to help girls feel better for occasions is very satisfying!

How have you found the coaching process here?

Colm’s approach to coaching is different to others, in a good way of course!

Whatever training programme you need, Colm will tailor it to suit your needs.

I always went 3 days a week but when I had to go to Templemore I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do this.

But Colm set me up with a 2 day programme which meant that I could still continue coming to the gym and building on my strength.

When it came to dieting Colm never made you go on these mad diets.

For the last challenge I told Colm what I wanted and he calculated what my calorie intake had to be to get a result.

I never had to give up certain foods or anything like that.

I just stuck to the calorie intake while still enjoying food, having the odd weekend out and still getting the result I wanted.

Would you recommend it to a friend?

I would definitely recommend Stronglife gym to a friend.

I’ve recommended the gym to a few people now (you’re welcome Colm)

Whether you’re looking to build strength, lose weight, tone up Colm will set up a programme that suits you and get you the result you want.

If you are intending on joining Stronglife be prepared for the endless amount of jokes and puns.

I’m sure Rebekah means the endless amount of high quality jokes and tremendous puns!

Final Notes

From the nervous girl coming in on her first day, Rebekah has came on leaps and bounds.

She grew in confidence in her own abilities when it came to training.

She followed any advice she was given to a tee.

And she’s walking proof of how when you put in the work, you get the results.

Although you can’t talk to her before 11am, she’s good craic and a great addition to the gym.

She’ll come in, get her work done without any complaints.

She has also been a very reliable friend (along with her sister) who have both came to the rescue when sh*t went south.

So well done Rebekah, keep up the good work!



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