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From Back Pain To Fitting Into Her Favourite Clothes Again

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For so many people,  a back injury can be debilitating.

Aches, pains, stiffness, and the feeling it could go at any time.

And the unfortunate side effect is gaining unwanted lbs due to limiting activity.

Worst of all, it can be a time when you end up convincing yourself that you’re not able to do so much in life.

That wasn’t to be the case for Boyle’s own Helen Reid anymore – (we’ve fully adopted her now).

It was time to take back control and get back into her favourite clothes once again.

Struggles And Making A Change

“I was suffering from a back injury for so long.

And thanks to it, I had been inactive for quite a while which led to some weight gain that I wasn’t happy about.

To be honest, I was in denial about my weight and I was totally fed up, but doing nothing about it.

I knew of Colm and had seen some of his stuff on Facebook.

I was confident he would listen to my concerns, and be encouraging with it”.

The thoughts of joining a gym can be daunting for anyone.

But when you feel limited with back pain, it can be easy to find every excuse not to even try.

So the main thing I needed to focus on with Helen was to find a way to make her feel comfortable in a gym.

The exercise plan was pretty simple, we focused on working around injury and pain, and always made sure she paid attention to her body.

Recovery was key between sessions.

Unfortunately, we only had a few weeks done before lockdown struck.

But Helen wasn’t to be deterred, so we moved online.

Overcoming To Fitting Into Old Clothes

“Since getting started with Colm, I have lost 10kg/22lbs since April.

I love how my shape is better than ever, I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been.

And I’m wearing stuff that hadn’t fit in years!

The best difference I’ve felt and seen is fitting into my clothes again and toning up.

Looking back, I was probably in denial about my weight gain before this and the plan helped with my food and exercise regime.”

The one thing I wanted to do with Helen was to take our time.

I didn’t want her taking on too much, too soon, only to end up re-injured or burned out.

The slow and steady approach was what I felt best for her, and I’m delighted to see the change in her this year.

She has tipped away and been one of the most consistent people on the home challenges throughout the year.

Steady weight loss each month and focusing on keeping her body moving well and feeling good.

And she’s reaping the rewards now.

Because let’s face it, who doesn’t feel good when you fit back into the clothes you love?

The Physical and Mental Benefits

“I had finally plucked up the courage to join the gym just before the first lockdown in March, and after a month of inactivity, I started the home transformation at Easter.

It has made me get my steps in while doing staying motivated to do the workouts at home.

Mentally it’s given me something to focus on. I’m working from home and only for the plan, some days I wouldn’t leave the house!

Colm has been such a big supporter.

Even weeks when I didn’t lose any weight he was so encouraging while giving a nudge to get back on track when required.”

I’m a firm believer in focusing more on encouragement rather than berating clients for not hitting targets.

We’re all human, we all have our slip-ups.

So, no chance of the drill-sergeant style working for me.

Helen has been very honest throughout, she chipped away and always aimed to be that little bit better.

She took advice on board, focused on what felt good, and always asked for advice.

And here she is, with almost a full year of exercising done when 12 months ago she was suffering back pain and inactive.

Above all else, that’s a massive win for Helen, and means she can roll in 2021 in a good place.

Mighty work this year Helen, and we’ll achieve even more next year!

Now enjoy the last glass of wine before Monday.


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