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How Ulrika Set Herself Up For Fitness Test Success


The latest instalment of StrongLife success is how Ulrika McKenzie passed her Garda fitness test with the help of StrongLife Personal Training.

In recent years, An Garda Síochana have been heavily recruiting.

An with that, droves of people have headed for Templemore to train for An Garda Síochana.

But one of the prerequisite is the passing of the fitness test.

And it’s a hurdle that many fall at.

But not Ulrika, because she was determined to succeed.

A quick summary of the fitness test for her age:

  • Obstacle course
  • Push/Pull (strength test)
  • 20 Pushups
  • 30 situps in 60 seconds
  • 7.6 on the beep test

I’m a happy man to confirm she passed it all with flying colours on her first go.

So let’s hear from Ulrika herself:

What Made You Decide To Get A Personal Trainer?

“I decided to get a personal trainer because when I done the beep test at home, I was only get as far as level 6.2.

Initially, I had thought I’d pass the beep test no problem the first time when practising at home, but how wrong I was.

I would have considered myself as fit, but I knew I needed the push and somebody to tell me to keep going when I wanted to stop.

And that’s when I realised I needed a PT to ensure success”.

Why Did You Choose StrongLife/Colm?

“I chose StrongLife for my training because I had heard of other girls that had went to Colm for help with the Garda fitness test and found he was extremely helpful.

Colm pushed me to my limits in each session and there was no slacking for even a minute or two!”

Tell Us About The Difference Training Here Has Made To Your Fitness?

“From training in StrongLife, it made me reach my full potential.

It helped me succeed in reaching my goal of passing the Garda fitness test.

In my first session with Colm, I maxed out at 6.2 on the beep test, a long way off the 7.6 I needed.

Yet in only a few weeks, I hit 8.2 on it which gave me great confidence going into my exam.”


When training clients for the Garda fitness exam, I generally aim to get the above the required targets.

That way, they have a little reserve if needed.

When the nerves kick in or the pressure, they have a little they can dip into the reserve to get them through.

Would You Recommend StrongLife?

“I would highly recommend Colm.

I went into StrongLife not being able to get near my target for the beep test.

Not only that, I was feeling frustrated and disheartened.

But after only a few short weeks, I was able to pass it with flying colours.

I never dreaded going to any of the sessions as I enjoyed them although we were both sick of hearing them beeps by the end!

I can’t thank Colm enough for all his help as without him, I would never have passed.”

Congrats To Ulrika

I know I say this too often, but credit where credit is due.

Ulrika was a fantastic client, she turned up, got the work done and always took on board what I advised and recommended.

There’s nothing better than seeing those who that put in the work succeed.

And Ulrika is one who didn’t fear getting the work done.

To be honest, she surpassed my expectation as to how quickly see progressed.

So, to get that message from her the day she passed her test was a proud one.

Ulrika, although your dad threw me out of nightclubs many years ago, it was a pleasure to train you.

Thanks for trusting me and all the best in the new career.


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