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How Hannah Transformed Herself By 30lbs In 2019


Today’s StrongLife Success story is none other than how Hannah Snowden transformed herself.

Now that headline might be slightly misleading.

Because the truth is.

She has dropped 30lbs since May this year, so only 7 months.

Hannah is a busy mum with 2 lovely kids, who wanted to prioritise her health this year.

And even though she works shifts, she made sure to find the time to exercise.

So I’m delighted to be writing about her success so far.

And here’s a bit from Hannah herself.

So What Made You Look For A Personal Trainer?

“I started looking for a Personal Trainer because I knew that if I just went to the gym, I probably wouldn’t have stuck to it.

More than likely, I’d have given up in the second week.

So I chose StrongLife and Colm because I liked the look of it and I had heard good things about it.”

Can You Tell Us About Your Progress So Far?

“So far, I’ve lost just over 2 stone.

I have made a few lifestyle changes which are easy to stick to and I think that this has helped with losing weight.

I’m not very good at taking compliments or being the centre of attention, but people are complimenting me on how much weight I have lost.

I’m also starting to get more confidence, especially now that I am a size smaller.

I’ll even have to get a whole new wardrobe, but who doesn’t like shopping? Any excuse to!”

Besides Weight Loss, How Else Has It Been Of Benefit?

“Now that my friends and family have seen my weight loss, they are starting to look at their own fitness and health, which helps me stay on track.

Going to the gym also helps with my mental health as I am a massive over-thinker, but when I go to the gym I can switch off for a little while.

And I also find slamming a medicine ball a very good stress reliever!

However, when I first started going to the gym I wasn’t losing any weight.

But I stuck to it and I am so glad that I did as I started to notice the pounds falling.

It’s a great motivator seeing progress at each check-in and I actually like going to the gym now, even though I still moan a lot, I feel great after.”

Would You Recommend StrongLife And Why?

“I would definitely recommend StrongLife because it has really changed me for good.

I look at exercise and food so differently and that’s thanks to Colm.

He’s friendly and professional and even on days that I’m not feeling it, Colm will give me the push I need.

I have recommended it to my co-workers, friends and family because it really works.”

How Hannah Transformed Herself

Now that Hannah has said nice things about me and the gym here, it’s my turn to return the favour.

When Hannah first came into the gym, she was very nervous because she’d never done gym before.

And for someone who wouldn’t be massive into sports, that can be a big fear.

But she soon settled in quickly and got to work.

Although those first 6 weeks or so were frustrating as her weight fluctuated, we chatted and keep her motivation up.

She kept the head down, kept training and it all soon started to click

It was great to see the big smile on her face after check-ins when she seen her progress.

For her not to be 30lbs lighter, needing a new wardrobe and feeling so much better about herself is great to see.

She’s put in the effort and she more than deserves the results.

Even if she gets embarrassed by the compliments.

Well done on the amazing results the last few months.

And try not to put it all on over Christmas!


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