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Rebekah Is Officially Going To Be A Garda


So this week, StrongLife got the great news that Rebekah is going to be a Garda.

Back in February, Rebekah called in to see about getting a bit of training done.

She had the Garda medical coming up and didn’t feel prepared.

Like many ladies going for it, it’s upper body strength that they fear the most.

If you’re not familiar with it, there’s 4 main tests:

  • Bleep Test for fitness
  • Pushups for upper strength
  • Situps
  • Then there’s a Push/Pull test to asses strength/power

You may remember Katie from last year who also came to me for preparation.

She had failed her initial exam but passed with flying colours after spending 4-6 weeks here.

So having learned enough from that, it was just a case of doing the essentials.

We focused on perfecting her pushup technique and developing upper body strength.

Then we aimed at building more endurance in her situps and increasing fitness without driving her mental doing the bleep test 40 times a week.

It only took a few weeks to get up to speed quickly.

But as there’s a backlog in the Garda recruitment exams, she had extra time to prepare.

And by prepare, I mean join forces with others in the gym who spend the whole week driving me mental!!

She was also a member of the party who caused the recent “Dabbing” issue within the gym.

(I swear I am not responsible for my actions if a grown adult Dabs in front of me)

She also had the time to start calling everyone “Sham” to which she never gets called her own name now.

She’s “Sham” in work, in the gym and on her Birth Cert now!

But anyways, enough Sham talk.

On Tuesday, she headed off to Templemore for her exam.

And thanks to her phone dying, she couldn’t tell anyone how she got on until that night.

So as her coach, I was pretty nervous.

But it was all good news and she passed with flying colours.

Come September, she’ll be heading off to Templemore to become an official Garda.

Congrats and Well Done Sham…. or I mean Rebekah!

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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