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From Cancelled Wedding To 35 Lbs Dropped


Like many girls this year, Siobhán’s big wedding day took a massive hit.

With the pandemic raging on, she was unsure of whether or not it would go ahead.

She still went ahead with her hen party, but eventually, that horrible day came – the wedding was cancelled.

It’s something many couples and families have had to deal with throughout 2020.

But while the cancellation brought about a lot of disappointment, it also served as motivation for Siobhán.

Time to transform!

The Struggles Before Making A Change

“I didn’t have any motivation.

I just couldn’t get in the right frame of mind to do anything more than just going for a walk.

It was also a case that I would get bored with that and give it up, even with a wedding coming up.

I was always either doing well at exercising but my nutrition would suffer for a few months.

Or I would do better with nutrition but my exercise would be lacking.

I couldn’t get an even balance.

Also sitting down in the evening watching TV was my time to snack on crap!

I knew I needed to do something else.”

Going it alone can feel like a long lonely road sometimes.

It also leaves you accountable to nobody but yourself.

And motivation isn’t always readily available, so you’ll tend to go through the motions.

Stop, start, fall off the wagon, get back on, and maybe see some decent progress from time to time.

But for Siobhán, it was time to get a bit more serious with it.

Getting Started With StrongLife

“I spotted Colm’s post on Facebook at the start of the first lockdown about starting online home workout challenges.

I thought that this could be my chance to make a difference for myself. It really was a case of the “right place, right time”.

There was a wedding coming up after all!

The fact that it’s all done online meant I could fit the workouts & challenges around my job.

I do different shifts at work so this really suited me.

It was super easy to follow.

All workouts were sent out each Sunday along with demo videos so I knew what to be doing.

It was a big help when I was at home on my own.

And each day I had to check in with Colm to let him know if I had hit the daily targets.

He also had a private chat every Sunday to make sure everything was going well and keeping me on track.”

To be honest, Siobhán has been a bit of a maniac for step counts with me almost worried if she was ever under 17,000.

She just got stuck into it, did the workouts, tidied up her food, and most of all stayed consistent.

The Results Speak For Themselves

“Since I’ve started with Colm, I’ve lost 2.5 stone so far and to be honest I feel great!

When I started to notice I was coming down in sizes and my clothes were getting looser.

It was a great excuse for online shopping!!!

People started to notice my weight loss but being a typical Irish person we’re not good at taking compliments.

I really started to notice it in my physical appearance too.

And to feel bones in parts of my body where there used to be body fat is such a confidence boost”.

As you can tell by the photo above, it’s amazing to see how much of a difference 2.5 stone has done to Siobhán’s physique.

But not just how she looks, more importantly, how she feels.

Confidence is something we all deserve to have, so if exercising and eating a bit better helps bring more into your life, it’s worth doing, isn’t it?

Making A Difference Mentally And Physically After Wedding Disappointment

“I work in healthcare and mentally it’s been a tough year working throughout covid.

But doing these online workout challenges has been a huge de-stressor for me.

I know when I’m doing a workout I’m concentrating on that alone and not anything else so it’s really a welcome distraction.

I haven’t missed one workout challenge since I started with Colm because I love the accountability each day.

If I lied and said I got a workout done when in fact I didn’t, I’d feel so bad in letting myself and the group down.

To be honest, covid was in one way a blessing in disguise for me, I was due to get married and had my dress altered and ready to go.

But like many couples, we had to postpone our wedding.

If covid hadn’t hit I wouldn’t have had those months to lose weight.

Now with my physical appearance changing my dress needs to be taken in, which is a good complaint!

And I know how much more I’m going to enjoy my big day when it finally comes true.”

It’s stories like this that make all the difference.

Not only helping a girl feel better in her wedding dress but finding a way to handle the stress of a pandemic and keeping things together.

And of course, giving her an outlet to look after herself mentally too.

What Made The Difference In Losing Those Pesky Pounds

“Doing different exercises and not getting bored with it! Colm makes it exciting every week!

It wasn’t all plain sailing there were some weeks where I just maintained my weight but I knew I just had to be patient.

Colm’s advice about changing certain things, whether it was calorie intake or something else, always helped to get the weight moving down again.

I now know to keep myself busy until bedtime so I’m less likely to sit down in the evening eating crap.

I’ve become more aware of the areas I used to always fall down, and I’m built ways to overcome them and stay on track.”

For so many people, it’s not a massive change that’s needed.

It’s doing the little things well, and repeatedly doing them over time.

There will always be good weeks and bad weeks.

It’s about building that little bit of resilience to keep at it, even when you feel like it’s not working.

Would You Recommend It To A Friend?

“Yes 100%. Colm is a professional and knows what he’s talking about!

I love the craic and accountability in the group especially with these lockdowns when we can’t actually go and meet people.

It’s definitely not expensive. There are videos of all the workouts so you can refer back to and the fact you do not need equipment!

Also, the workouts are done in the privacy of your own home so this helps if your someone who is shy/embarrassed to work out in front of others.

The help & advice from Colm is very much encouraging for me.

You get the plan every Sunday evening so it sets you up for the week ahead and I’m able to plan around it.”

I do my best to make these as simple and as straight forward, so it suits everyone’s lifestyle and ability.

The best aim is to get people active, consistent, and to become that little bit better each day.

And Siobhán is absolute proof as to why just showing up and putting the work in can pay off.

I was shocked when she first sent me her before and after pic, then I remembered all the work she’s put in, so it made sense.

To see Siobhán overcome the disappointment of a postponed wedding to then finishing the year 35lbs lighter has been great.

So a massive well done Steps McDermott, you’re flying it!


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