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How Frontline Worker Alison Dropped 33lbs


Like many people in Ireland, Alison was one of them who’s been working the frontline during the pandemic.

With work being based in Mayo, she was spending more time in the car or ambulance, than in the gym.

And all that time sitting about can lead to some unwanted weight gain, struggle to exercise, and just lower activity levels.

She confessed to being unhappy with her weight gain and a complete lack of motivation.

So it was time for her to make a change and come through the doors of StrongLife.

Setting Goals And Then Exceeding Them

“My goal was to lose 10kg from March 2020 before a proposed trip to Australia scheduled for late August.

I actually ended up losing 15kg and dropping 2-3 clothes sizes, which any woman would say is fantastic!

I even had to get a new work uniform.

My work trousers used to be a 38″ waist but now I’m wearing a 32″ waist.

And I’m down to 30″ waist in jeans – down from 34″ waist before.

I also got back into running after a break of 3-4 years, and now regularly run between 5 and 10km 3x a week.

And I keep the dogs very happy with at least 3 mile walks when I can – usually at least 4x/week.”

Alison had joined the gym before the pandemic.

But once covid and lockdowns hit, exercise wasn’t as routine.

So needing some motivation and structure, she jumped onto my online challenges to get workouts, help with food, and a kick up the bum to get out and get it done.

She was a completely different woman when she came back into the gym in July.

And plenty of ladies were asking me what she had been doing!

Seeing Success While Being A Frontline Worker In 2020

“Being a paramedic on the frontline, I was fortunate to be working, so I wasn’t quite as “locked down” as a lot of people.

I loved watching my shape change, my uniform get looser and looser and the scales showing a decent loss every week.

I started being more aware of what I was eating and made sure I had a calorie deficit of at least 3000/week to ensure I lost at least 1lb every week.

Learning the simple things on how to see consistent weight loss helped and made me take time to assess what I had been doing.

I increased the length of the walks with the dogs and these walks became crucial for “me time”.

Unfortunately, my trip to Australia never happened, but I’ll re-book my flights once Covid is more under control

And my new goal is to maintain my weight and not slip back into the old ways and put it all back on again!”

I’ve often said this about clients, but Alison has to be one of the easiest-going clients.

All I’ve ever had to do is give her the workout plan, fill her in on what to be hitting food-wise, and set her an activity target, and away she went.

There wasn’t a single week where she didn’t tick all the boxes.

And when she came back into the gym, she comes in, smashes through her workout, and gets back on with life after.

Her work ethic has improved massively and she’s not afraid of challenging herself either!

The Key To Her Success

“Concentrating on creating a calorie deficit was something that made a massive difference.

I watched what I was eating and stayed active with the workouts, walking, and later running.

There’s no trick involved, no faddy diets just plain common sense – eat less and move more and you’ll start to see a difference.

I sure did!

March 10th, 2020 I was 85kg. By July 22nd I was 72.3kg.

Come September, I was down to 70kg and I’ve stayed around that ever since.

Having a structure was great – the workouts, the food/behaviour tasks, and the step challenges.

And the expectation of weekly check-ins helped keep me on track.

Alison has made sensational progress this year, especially since she’s been busy on the frontline.

It honestly looks like she has lost WAY more than 33lbs with the difference it has made to how she looks.

It’s even better that she’s easily maintaining her new weight now when so many tend to rebound.

And fingers crossed that trip to Australia happens next year!

Well done Alison.


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