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Discussing The Vegan Vs Meat Debate


So throughout 2019, we’ve had an insurgence of Vegan / Vegetarian diets. Not only that, but so many people/companies started selling vegan plans and products. Because when something becomes popular or trendy, people will tend to push it to make money off it. And now we have Netflix shows like ‘Game Changers’ which drives propaganda […]

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Should We Prioritise Our Mental Diet?


In the current social media climate, is there a case for us to start prioritising our mental diet? Or should we simply just keep sailing along the rapid and ever accelerating flow of technology and information? Today, I’m going to dive into a few considerations about whether or not we should maybe look at how […]

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What If We Lived Life Like An Egg Timer?


I rarely do this, but today I’m writing about some perspective on life. I spent last weekend in Southampton at an event. It’s more marketing etc so I won’t bore you with that. But, there were some great take home points that really resonated with me, and matches the way I’ve been thinking the last […]

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