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The True Factors To Determining Your Success In Life


What factors should you use to determining your success in life? Last night, I was feeling quite ill so sleep wasn’t happening. So that led me to start reading some of Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules of Life“. And in true Colm fashion, my brain went completely into overdrive. So today’s article is the birth child […]

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What Made Noelle Choose StrongLife Gym


Today, it’s Noelle Sammon’s turn to tell you why she chose to join StrongLife Gym. First of all, throughout this article, she may be referred to as Nelly Belly, Sammon of Knowledge or as she prefers to be called – just Noelle. I’ve dropped the ball recently because it’s been quite busy here. So here […]

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The Truth About Weight Loss Products


Today it’s time to dive into the truth about weight loss products. For what seems like an endless amount of years, weight loss products and gimmicks are advertised daily to give you magical results. But if you’re looking to lose a few pounds, do any of them even work? Or are you just losing money […]

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What I Learned From A Pole Dancer

pole dancer

You’re about to find out what I learned from a pole dancer. But before I start, when I say the term “pole dancer”, I don’t mean glitter, nipple tassels and $1 bills. In Ireland, we can be a bit behind the times with things. If you hear pole dancing you automatically think “strippers”. (Nothing wrong […]

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