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Wedding Dress Success – Breege’s StrongLife Story

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“I just had a wedding dress fitting and I feel like crap. Can you help?”

That was the jist of the message I got from Breege back in March this year.

She had just had a dress fitting and should have stood there in front of the mirror filled with joy.

Instead, she stood there with a sick feeling in her stomach.

What was looking back at her wasn’t how she dreamed she would look on her wedding day.

But thankfully, now that her wedding is over, I’m here to tell you about Breege’s success story.

So without further ado, here’s the lady herself.

What Made You Look To Join A Gym?

I want to lose weight and tone up.

My wedding day was in June and I had tried every fad diet going with instant results that never lasted.

And worse yet, I still didn’t tone up.

So it was time to try a new approach.

Why Did You Choose StrongLife Gym?

I chose StrongLife because I had heard about Colm from a friend (Hi Amy!).

So I looked it up on Facebook and liked the idea of having a Personal Trainer showing me how to use the equipment properly.

Having someone to answer to at the end of the week was a big boost too along with coaching me to avoid doing things wrong.

From The Day You Started To The Day Of Your Wedding, Tell Us About Some Big Changes?

Back in March, I had a dress fitting and I was so unhappy with how I looked in my dress and how it fitted.

If I’m honest, it made me panic.

I showed Colm a picture of me in the dress and told him what I hated and what I needed help with.

He calmed me down a lot and set up a programme for me that I stuck to because it was manageable and realistic.

It also suited my hectic schedule between organising a wedding and working shifts.

By the time of my next fitting in May, I couldn’t believe the change in my shape.

The dress fitted properly and the bingo wings weren’t as noticeable.

I was delighted that the hard work had paid off.

Even though the workouts were tough, he made them fun with his sense of humour, so I didn’t give up.

How Did Personal Training Help You Enjoy Your Wedding Dress and Day?

The PT sessions were a great stress reliever from the wedding planning.

It was an hour to switch off and I always felt great after with loads of energy.

I even got the odd bit of advice about tableplans from Colm!

He took away the stress of the dress not fitting me in just 6 weeks of training so that was a major help!


Would You Recommend StrongLife And Why?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Colm and Personal Training sessions because it’s not your typical daunting gym.

It’s a very relaxed atmosphere with a bit of craic thrown in.

You get the work done, but you enjoy it and come out with great results!

Colm is very motivational plus his taste in music is pretty decent too!


Highlighting Breege’s Hard Work

Ok, so now you’ve heard from Breege and the fantastic things she has had to say about myself and this gym.

It’s my turn to add a bit in.

Breege has been a great client, and continues to be since she’s already back in after her wedding.

There were days when she was wrecked tired from night shifts, yet she got in and put the work in.

When stress was running high, I made sure to make sure her sessions were enjoyable and that she left in better form than when she came in.

But not matter what I say or do, clients need to put in the work too.

And Breege dug in and got the work done from Day 1.

When it comes to wedding dresses for ladies, I understand the importance of their big day.

Whether it’s a backless dress or the bingo wings need trimming, it’s about looking and feeling great on your big day.

Those wedding photo’s are what you want to feel proud of and look back on in years to come.

So I’m always honoured to help people with their goals for their wedding as it means so much to them.

And it means a lot to me as well to hear nice things back and see them enjoy their big day to the fullest.

Contrary to Breege’s story, I’m not one you should look for wedding advice. I’m much better with cats.

Congratulations to Breege for looking amazing on her big day.

It’s always great to see clients get the results their hard work deserves.

And thank you for choosing StrongLife!


P.s. I have some availability for Personal Training in August, or I have training plans to suit your goal either. Just get in touch –

Colm Duignan