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How Aisling Got Stronger And Fitter For GAA


At the start of the summer, Aisling got in touch to enquire about getting stronger and fitter for her GAA.

Hailing from the mighty village that is Ballinameen means that football is in their blood up there.

Well, football and pints!

Aisling absolutely loves football, but she felt she was lacking in strength and power.

So she got in touch and after a few chats we kicked off her Personal Training here in StrongLife.

Here’s what Aisling has to say:

Why Did You Sign Up For StrongLife Personal Training?

The reason I joined was to develop my strength and conditioning. 

I felt I was fit enough to play football but there was something I was lacking.

I’ve noticed the last few years in Ladies Football that being strong, fit and powerful are hugely underrated athletic qualities in players.

I had previously been with a gym in college but decided to focus on my strength and conditioning this summer as I knew I would be home for it and would be able to put the effort in.

Having researched a lot of the gyms in the area, I was advised so much to join StrongLife and I am so glad I did.

The gym is very affordable, the one to one sessions are great. 

Having been massively into cardio, I never thought I would be able to lift weights.

Colm mixes the session up with strength and cardio, which is exactly what I wanted.

Focusing both on upper and lower body through the session.

He is also very considerate when it comes to matches and knows what to do coming up to it and recovering after.

Had You Fears Or Any Perceptions About Lifting Weights?

Yes I did, I was so scared. I thought I would not be able for it at all and that I would be too weak.

But Colm is great, he focused on technique first, eventually adding weight.

He never tells you what weight it is which is great because you have no fear because you don’t know how much you are lifting.

(Just to clarify the approach of not telling what’s on the bar.

Many clients get a complete mental block when they hear the weight they’re about to lift, even though they are strong and competent enough to lift it.

When I know a client well, I know where I can push them in a safe manner that allows them to realise their own capabilities and strength.)

I was very worried that my body shape would change.

I did not want that to happen as I was very happy with my shape.

However, my main aim was to improve strength and fitness.

Since joining I have become leaner have lost a stone yet I never once changed my diet.

Just shows not to believe in the myths.


A common concern for a lot of girls is the idea that you may get bulky or look ‘manly’.

But one by one, girls are realising you can become a more confident and empowered woman by lifting weights instead of accidentally turning into the Hulk.

So to be able to train Aisling and see her develop and see those fears slowly erode has been so worthwhile.

How Have You Found It? Is It Better Than You Expected?

This is only the halfway point for me my experience is been brilliant.

The gym is great craic and a lovely atmosphere.

Every time I’m in there everyone seems to be so happy to be there.

Colm creates that positive environment by checking up with all the members during their sessions.

Colm is very understanding and patient.

I never lifted weights before this and I have made loads of mistakes before I have gotten to this stage.

I would recommend anyone to this gym.

Has It Made A Difference To Your GAA And Running?

My main aim was to improve strength and fitness I feel I have achieved that.

I also have a great interest in running.

Since joining I have become a lot faster.

My PB average was 24mins for 5km., now it is under 20mins for 5km.

I never thought I would improve on my time!!

I’ve grown in confidence on the pitch as a player, better drive to go for scores and to push on in a match.

I am now back playing college football can definitely see the difference.

I have had a good championship with my club Ballinameen and we are now in a junior County Final on the 5th of October.


Aisling has been a fantastic client to train.

She always turns up raring to go and is always dying to try out new things, whether it’s box jumps, deadlifts or getting pure thick with the Assault Bike.

When she started she was nervous and felt under-confident in a gym.

It was all so new to her and she was terrified that she wouldn’t know what she was at.

Now she’s flying into the gym with a big smile (and dimples) on her face without a care in the world.

She’s following my training plan in Dublin for 2 sessions a week and then coming in for her 3rd session here at weekends.

That way she continues to improve and gets that added bit of attention to really fine tune exercises.

For a girl who loves sports and running, it’s fantastic to be able to help her push on that bit.

She’s feeling better on the pitch and her 5km times have dropped a lot which adds to her belief in what we are doing.

It’s always great to see clients get great results from training here, whether that’s confidence, weight loss or sports performance.

Luckily for Aisling, she’s achieved all 3!

So keep up the good work Rocky, see ya next week!


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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