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How To Use The Sunset For Motivation


The sun will rise every morning. And it will set every evening. Regardless of what you do each day. It’s completely up to you as to how you spend each day. You can prioritise sitting around and finding ways to justify why you’re not achieving what you want in life. Or you can find solutions, […]

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Why You Could Be The April Fool This Year

april fools

Today is the 1st of April. Now while I love being a messer, I’ve actually refrained from posting April fools stuff. Instead, I want to highlight something and possibly motivate you. Today being April 1st means that 25% of 2019 is already done and dusted. What have you achieved? Have you gone to the gym? […]

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The True Factors To Determining Your Success In Life


What factors should you use to determining your success in life? Last night, I was feeling quite ill so sleep wasn’t happening. So that led me to start reading some of Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules of Life“. And in true Colm fashion, my brain went completely into overdrive. So today’s article is the birth child […]

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Developing Gratitude With A Dose Of Reality


Not to sound too much like a motivational meme, but today I’m talking about developing gratitude. Not only gratitude, but about developing a sense of reality. About 2 years ago, I really developed the travelling bug. At the age of 29, I had finally got myself to the point where I could start seeing the […]

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Podcast Interview – Colm From StrongLife Gym

podcast interview

So a while back, I was interviewed for a podcast interview with Paul Joyce. Paul appears regularly for CRC FM and is running his own podcast show over on Soundcloud. Along with myself, there’s other great guests. You have Kates Curvy Closet, Chef Brian McDermott from Donegal and of course, myself. On it, I talk […]

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Overcoming Binge Eating When Stressed

binge eating

Do you feel like you resort to binge eating when you’re stressed? For many of us, periods of stress are a time when we can make rash decisions. And one of these rash decisions can be towards our diet. You get home from the office, stressed to the eyeballs and you just say ‘feck it’. […]

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