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Do You Wish You Had Started Sooner?


Summer could well have just landed, but do you wish you had started sooner?

I don’t know what has happened, but the weather has really taken a turn for the good.

I’ve finally dusted off my beloved shorts and thrown away the hoodies.

Could this be the year I finally get my legs to turn from milky white to some form of off white colour?

(seriously, on a sunny day they’re a hazard with the glare that comes off them)

But for many of us, (me included), it can be a time where you wish you had put a bit more effort into the gym over the last few months.

Right now, the sun is shining but maybe you’re not feeling the best in your clothes.

Maybe there’s still a few pounds annoying you that you could’ve shifted.

Perhaps you wanted a flatter stomach, more toned legs and ditch the bingo wings.

For me, I start every year in high hopes that I’ll get shredded.

But after a few weeks, I realise my love for biscuit cake and powerlifting far outweighs my love for abs.

People view having abs as the holy grail to happiness.

But to me, I rather spend summer feeling good in myself, have confidence when out and about and just feel healthy throughout.

I can enjoy a few beers and a BBQ and still keep on track.

I’m not going to be a pain when eating out or hanging out with friends.

But back to where I was going there.

If you’re currently wishing you had put a bit more effort in, then there’s still time.

Normally, as soon as May hits people pack it in thinking that’s all they’ll achieve for the year.

But in reality, we need to stop training for summer, and start training for our future selves.

Remove the vanity of how you look and instead work on your health and how you feel.

Let your physical improvement be a by-product of the solid work you’re doing with your diet, training, health and lifestyle.

In the long run, looking after your own health and well-being will far outweigh the benefits of that one summer you had 4 abs if you sucked in really hard.

Now I’m off to cut the sleeves off all my t-shirts and hope the weather lasts.

Enjoy it while you can!

Colm “suns out, guns out” Duignan


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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