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The Winner Of The Shift A Stone Challenge

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Today, it is my pleasure to write about the winner of the recent “Shift A Stone Challenge”.

And the winner is none other than Boyle’s very own Denise Ryan.

It all kicked off on October 3rd, an 8 Week Challenge to help people focus on their goals, work on their nutrition and to train smartly.

And over the 8 Weeks, Denise lost 17.6lbs (8kg) and dropped a massive 18.75 inches overall.

Here’s a quick bit from Denise herself:

“I needed to do something and the SAS programme was the push I needed to finally get to work and see results. 

It has been hard at times but with the help and encouragement of Colm and everyone else doing the challenge, I stuck with it and I’ve done it.

I’m still eating the foods I like but steadily losing the weight and inches which is brilliant.

I feel so much better in my clothes which is great.”

For a lot of ladies, it can be hard to see progress because we are all our own worst critics.

But being able to see and feel a difference in your clothes is a major motivator and one that has really became apparent throughout the challenge.

For Denise and the crew, we never focused on banning foods, doing highly restrictive dieting or excessive training.

Instead, we focused on nourishing themselves with good foods, understand calories and their individual requirements and most of all, being consistent.

Denise will tell you herself, there were a few sneaky bars of chocolate (and scones) throughout but at the end of the day, controlled amounts of indulgences need to be allowed.

I provided as much information and solid guidelines as I could and answered all their questions (even the many that had nothing to do with a gym).

And Denise took every bit on board, followed it diligently and the results speak for themselves.

She has been a pleasure to have in the gym (along with the other 2 looneys) and brings a good bit of craic in with her every session which makes it all the more fun.

Not only has she lost so much weight and inches, she has won the Challenge and will be receiving a €100 Voucher to a shop of her choice (I swear it won’t be a StrongLife voucher).

Well done Denise and everyone who took part!


P.s. The Shift A Stone Challenge will be running again in January 2017.

You can put your name down here:

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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