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Why I Walked Out Of The Gym On Saturday


I walked out of the gym on Saturday because of the feeling of intimidation, unhappiness when comparing myself to others and being pissed off that I’m not where I want to be yet.

Ya see, if you’ve been within 50 feet of me the last few months you’ll have heard me whinge about my shoulder.

So on Saturday I went to Limerick to have it looked at by a powerlifting coach to see what was going on with my it while I was lifting.

And it was glaringly obvious. My right shoulder was sitting about an inch higher up than my left when I lay on a bench to lift.

So I’m now working and increasing my mobility, working on weaknesses in my middle back and learning a new technique to pin my shoulder in place.

All was great.

Until I went into the gym after to go lifting.

I done 3 sets of bench to practice, packed my gear bag and walked out the door.


I felt insecure, intimidated and most of all, sad that I haven’t reached the levels of where I want to be both physically and with my powerlifting numbers.

Primarily because there were guys there who bench more than I can squat, they deadlift more than my Squat and Bench put together.

And they’re pretty jacked.

It felt like it was my first day in a gym in my life.

And it really made me realise how hard it can be for someone starting out.

You sit there and think:

– everyone is so much fitter than me
– they’re all in great shape when I’m fat and feel like sh*t
– they know what they’re doing when I don’t have a clue
– I don’t think i’ll ever get to their level.
– I’ll never be as strong as them (I’m so weak)

And do ya know what?

It’s bullsh*t.

Everyone has to start at the beginning.

Every single person that is in great shape, super fit or looks ripped started where you are.

The only difference is – they started earlier than you and have put in the time and effort needed to reach their goals.

Give yourself the time, put in the effort and you too can hit those levels.

You just need to appreciate that you just need to get started.

Because in a few months time, someone will walk into the gym and look at you the same way.

Every day is about training to become better.

And although we should never compare ourselves to others, it can creep in every now and again.

It’s about building ourselves up to rise above it, keep working on it and reap the rewards long term for ourselves.

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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