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Why I Let Girls Keep Their Clothes On

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I’m about to explain why I allow girls to keep their clothes on.

Now before you get carried away, I’m not on about in the bedroom.

Instead, I’m on about Transformation photos.

Over the last few years, there has been an explosion of transformation photos depicting ladies in their underwear showing their progress in the gym.

However; it’s not something I have taken part in.

And today’s article has been sparked by a conversation with a client yesterday.

(Hi Noelle).

So let’s get stuck in.

Appreciating How You Feel

As previously mentioned, a lot of gyms look for progress/transformation photos.

It can be a good way of showing to the world that your methods work.

It proves you can get results.

But I always look at things from my clients perspective.

For any girl, the fact that you are wanting to join a gym may mean that you are currently unhappy with how you look/feel.

You’ve probably spent time hiding under clothes and wearing black.

When you stand in front of the mirror, you have negative thoughts about how you view your body.

You may even go as far as saying mean things to yourself while highlighting how “disgusting” you look.

Confidence and self esteem has taken a beating because of how you view your own body.

You see girls online and wish how you could have a body like them.

Unfortunately, these are underlying issues among girls.

And these are exact issues I have experienced from coaching so many.

It’s exactly why…

You Can Keep Your Clothes On

It can take quite a bit of courage for you to finally join a gym.

The thoughts of walking in the door the first time is terrifying.

You’re already uncomfortable in your own skin.

You’re already self conscious and unhappy with how you look.

So the thoughts of having to strip down to your underwear just to get your ‘before’ picture strikes terror into you.

You’ve just spent months hiding yourself.

Making sure you covered as much skin as possible in case someone caught a glimpse.

So imagine if I were to actually make you bare all just for a photo?

I’d soon see you shrivel with fear, terror and all insecurities.

If anything, you could easily end up feeling worse.

Instead, I want you to feel empowered.

I want you to feel great that you’re making a choice to change.

The choice to build yourself up with confidence, self esteem and develop a much healthier relationship with your own body.

And by doing so, your entire experience is so much better.

You can feel great leaving.

You can remain comfortable and focus on finding your way around the gym, paying attention to new exercises and appreciating my fantastic jokes.

The Main Focus

Not everyone walks in the door of a gym beaming with confidence.

So many people join a gym because they have areas that they are unhappy with, be it mentally or physically.

And for me as a coach, I’ll always appreciate the person who may be running low on confidence.

Because over the long term, I know that individual will grow as a person and live a better, happier life.

So instead of chasing the online recognition for transformation pictures, I choose to create a friendly environment that allows you to get started without ever feeling judged by how you look.

And as the years go by, it’s definitely becoming a much more important part of this little gym in the back end of Co. Roscommon.

StrongLife – helping girls build confidence, self esteem and a better view of their own body.

And you can keep your clothes on.

Unless it’s on Snapchat of course.


Thanks, bye.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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