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Doing Whatever It Takes To Transform Your Body

You believe that you will do whatever it takes to transform your body and health.
But for many, you will often do only what you are comfortable with.
And unfortunately, what you are comfortable with is why you’re currently looking for that magic program or diet to fix everything.
What you are comfortable with is why you are in your current situation.
The ones who do succeed and make huge transformations are the ones who are committed to breaking free of their comfort zones and making the changes.
If your current comfort is sitting on the couch 7 days a week, nibbling pizza and watching tv then to step outside that comfort zone you’re going to have to get active, be prepared to sweat a bit and take on the challenge of exercise.
But that’s the 1 hour a day solution.
The second part that accompanies that is you now have to buy in good foods and live a healthier lifestyle.
You’ve to battle the voice in your head every time you go to the supermarket.
You’ve to break the routine of takeaways 3 nights a week.
You’ve to overcome your reliance on comfort foods because you’re bored or had a bad day.
And most of all, you’ve to commit to making this change in the long term.
That’s where many fall down.
If it doesn’t show results inside 2 weeks, they pack it in.
They write it off as “not working” when in reality they’ve just quit at the very first step – breaking your old habits.
So take stock of what your current comfort zone is, set a realistic plan to break out of those habits and then give yourself time to do so.
If you are honest with yourself and work smartly on it, then you will succeed and avoid quitting.
Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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