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Why Weighing On A Monday Is A Disaster


Ever step on the weighing scales on a Monday only to feel sh*t about the number you see?

Ever feel like a complete failure and feel like throwing in the towel because of it?

Well today, I want to comfort you a bit and explain why weighing on a Monday can be a disaster.

I want to save you the frustration that a poor weigh-in can cause.

And I want you to gain a better understanding of what you need to focus on.

Why Weighing On A Monday Can Suck

To be honest, this article is motivated by a conversation I had with a PT client.

(Hi Jessica).

You may have been in the same situation as Jessica at some point.

Here’s what happens:

You spend the weekend really watching your food.

You stick to your plan/calories and avoid the junk food and beer.

Come Monday, you step on the scales, see the number and your stomach suddenly sinks.

You’ve gained 2lbs, yet you’ve been so good.

How is weight loss so hard?

I’ve done everything so well yet I’ve GAINED weight?

Why is this so hard?

To be honest, anyone dieting will have at least felt like this once.

It’s the most frustrating thing to happen.

And for many, it can be a breaking point where they just abandon ship and eat around themselves.

But that doesn’t solve anything.

Instead, let’s understand WHY your weight goes up on a Monday.

(Let’s clear this up, this is for people who behave themselves at weekends, not the ones who drink 37 Gins and eat 4 Chinese takeaways in 48 hours).

Why Your Weight Can Increase After A Weekend

For many, Monday to Friday are really good.

You can stick to a rigid food plan, have all your calories in check and your work keeps you occupied so you don’t think about chocolate.

Exercise and gym is normally part of your week also, so your feeling good and want to stay so by eating well.

However; come the weekend, you no longer have that routine. (for the Mon-Fri workers).

And weekends generally have little structure.

You sleep in a bit longer, meals aren’t as routinely timed and your food choices may vary.

A glass of wine may be had while your water intake may decrease.

And even with your calories accounted for, you may consume more sodium by means of a nice meal out instead of a prepped meal at home.

For some, you may not be as active or you may have different sleeping patterns at weekends.

All of the above can contribute to a few things:

Fluid retention.

You’re peeing less.

Altered digestion rates a.k.a more contents in your intestines.

If you have managed your calorie intake all weekend, then it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to have gained fat.

Let alone pack on 1kg or it in 48 hours.

99% of the time I see this happen, it’s simply water weight.

So it’s never something I panic over, and here’s why.

Why Not To Panic

In this particular case, Jessica freaked out because she had gained 1.5lbs since the previous week.

She had hit her calorie intake to perfection and couldn’t understand why it happened.

So I told her to relax and weigh again the next day.

And I got a message first thing to say she was now down 2.4lbs, 0.9lbs more than 6 days ago.

Some people are just prone to holding water weight after weekends, others actually drop weight.

But the overall trend we look at is your weight over weeks and months, not just 48 hour periods.

If you weight is trending downwards over the course of a month, then you’re doing great.

Avoid panicking when you see weight fluctuations on a daily basis.

This is completely normal as your body is rarely ever the exact same weight.

Fluid levels, food volume etc all play a role.

So just appreciate that you’re doing good, work on keeping your calories in check and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Because the last thing I want is for you to completely judge yourself off a number on a scales.

Yes, it is a tool we can use to track one form of progress.

But I never want you feeling like you’re a failure, that you’re fat, or that you should give up just because of one shitty day.

You will have good and bad days.

Celebrate the good, appreciate that bad days do happen, and just stay on track.

It’s all a process.

Keep the chin up and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

All the best!


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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