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Should You Weigh Yourself Daily To Lose Weight


When it comes to weight loss, should you weigh yourself on a daily basis?

The fantastic guys over at have gone over the studies to look at it further.

While it shows some great benefits, it also has drawbacks too.

Let’s have a quick look at it – (I’ll link their study below)

3 Factors To Consider When Weighing Daily

So if you’re going weighing daily, you MUST appreciate that your weight will fluctuate.

The 3 main factors for this are –

Carbohydrate Intake (glycogen binds to water), Urine Levels and of course Bowel Contents (poo poo).

By now, you’ve probably heard of the notion of Weighing yourself first thing in the morning after you’ve used the bathroom.

That way, you generally get a more consistent reading.

Carb intake can be tricky.

Eat less carbs for a few days and you’ll lose weight because of less water retention.

(Ever enjoy a takeaway or a meal out only to read a much higher weight the next day?)

So they’re 3 big factors that will fluctuate weight readings.

However, over time if you continue to see a downward trend on the scales, then you can be sure you’re losing weight.

What have the studies shown?

  • “Over six months, daily weighers lost around 6 kg (13 pounds) more than the control group.
  • Even people in the control group who weighed themselves often (like five times a week) lost less weight than the daily weighers.
  • Daily weighers were more likely to do things related to weight loss, like eating less fast food or watching less television.

Note that this study didn’t measure body fat, although it’s very likely that the body weight loss translated to substantial fat loss.”  – Source Daily Weigh

The Drawbacks To A Weigh Every Day Approach

With any approach, there can be drawbacks depending on the individual.

One of the big ones that I’d associate with it is becoming fixated on the number, developing a negative psychological attachment to the number on the scales.

The scales should be used as a unit of measurement, not a number that dictates how you feel about yourself and your self worth.

For many, they will feel guilty or “punish” themselves if they have a poor weigh in.

Others will avoid weighing in at all if they happened to eat poorly/overate the day before which leads to lack of consistency.

Unfortunately, there’s really no way to determine if someone is prone to the above unless they try it.

Benefits of it

Weighing every day can be shown to keep dedicated clients more accountable when pursuing weight loss.

It can help them make better food choices and stick to a healthy lifestyle more successfully.

And of course, seeing progress is a huge motivational factor when making a lifestyle change.


Overall, it’s all down to what suits you best as a person.

If this approach gives you success without becoming fixated on the scales or over stressing food then it may well work fine for you.

But if you struggle with self esteem or how you view yourself based on your weight, then I’d look at using body measurements and clothes as a measurement of progress.

If you want to read all that the guys at have done, you can catch the article here: – Daily Weighing To Lose Weight





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