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Do Weekends Really Prevent You Seeing Results


A common downfall of many when dieting is – the weekends.

For many who are looking to drop fat, it can be really frustrating when progress is stalled.

And a common issue is that of weekends killing their good work.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a client doing everything so well but feeling disheartened by their rate of progress.

As coaches, we can educate, develop strategies to help the client and continue to pass on information to help them.

However, weekends are a problem for so many where they just relax and maybe lose a little self control.

And there’s a few factors as to why weekends are preventing you from losing fat.

The Big One – Splurge In High Calorie Foods

So in order to drop fat, the bottom line is creating a calorie deficit.

That simply means you are consuming less energy than you expend.

So over time, your body must then use it’s own energy stores for fuel.

This leads to your bodyfat levels dropping.

A common rule of thumb is that a deficit of 3,500  Kcals per week will equal 1 Ib of fat lost.

Split that over a 7 day week and that’s a deficit of 500 Kcals per day.

But here’s where things start to go wrong.

For many, Monday to Thursday are really good days.

Food is on point, you hit the gym and feel great.

Then Friday lands and sure you know yourself #TGIF #YOLO.

You treat yourself to lunch out maybe or a glass or two of wine.

Saturday comes and you head out on the town.

A few beers followed by a few shorts and you hit the chipper at 2am.

Sunday then feels like you got hit by a bus so there’s only one way to sort that out – a filthy Chinese takeaway!

You roll into Monday full of guilt, shame and a 2 day hangover.

Let’s Look At The Maths

So say you’re Mon – Thurs was perfect, that’s 2,000 Kcals of a deficit.

Great, that’s over half a Ib of fat.

Friday you maybe just hit maintenance so no loss there.

But then across Saturday and Sunday you actually consume an EXCESS of 2,000 Kcals.

So over the course of the week you have now eradicated your fat loss and you remain the same weight.

Fat loss has stalled.

Frustration entails.

You feel like you’re doing all the right things but those few hours at the weekend just completely ruin it all.

And for many, they will in fact have a big weekend that actually puts them into a FAT GAIN mode.

Becoming More Aware Of Your Weekends

Weekends are a time that many find hard.

One of the main reasons is the loss of routine.

If you work Mon – Fri 9-5, then come Saturday you no longer have structure in your day.

During work hours, your breaks/lunch/dinner are generally structured around your work.

So you don’t have to think as much.

But on weekends you have more freedom.

You can easily mindlessly graze on food throughout Saturday while watching TV, football etc.

Or maybe you meet up with friends for lunch etc.

So you suddenly enter an environment where there’s less structure.

And this is where, as an individual, you need to become more aware of what’s going on.

Now I want everyone to be able to live a life and enjoy things.

But if you current weight/physique is something that is holding you back in life, then we do need to make a conscious effort.

So aim to build a routine into your weekends.

Structure your meals in a way that you know what and when you will have food.

If you’re heading out then try and aim for a set amount of drinks and try run by the chipper after.

Then work on your hangover fix by getting out for a walk or something instead of looking for sympathy while lying on the couch watching Marley & Me.

Everyone Is Different

One final point is to not forget that everyone, as an individual, is different.

We all have different things that drive our habits and behaviours.

So it can be a case of trial and error to find out what will and won’t work for you.

Find what works and go with it.

And tweak things as you go along to ensure continued progress.

Consistency in the long term is what will help you see results.



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