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Why Wait Until January To Start Getting Fit?


Today is the 1st of November, so why wait until January to start getting fit?

For many, 2017 would have kicked off with New Years Resolutions, goals, dreams and targets.

But with life, things may not always play out to plan.

And as we approach winter, quite a few will say “ah feck sure I may as well wait until after Christmas”.

But my question is –  Why Wait?

Yesterday, I had a prospective client call into to discuss training options.

And he has the right attitude:

“I want to kick it off now and get some results so I’m in a better position come January”.

And I agreed.

Here’s why:

Right now, you have 7 weeks until we hit the 20th of December.

7 Weeks is loads of time to still make progress.

If you choose to sit on the couch until January, you may well find yourself further behind than you currently are.

So between now and Christmas gives you a chance to get yourself familiar in a gym setting, learn the exercises and become more confident.

Not only that but you’ll find yourself feeling better in yourself and you clothes.

The winter months are hard to stay motivated as those dark evenings makes it easier to perch on the couch.

But every session you get in between now and Xmas is a step forward.

Build your foundation now so you can turbo charge your training and progress once January kicks in.

Let’s not forget, a year is 12 months long.

The people that see the best progress are the ones that turn up  week in, week out, all year round.

And sure while it’s dark and miserable outside, it can be nice to do a bit of training in a gym so that once the sunshine* comes in 2018 you’re fit, healthy and looking great to go and enjoy it.

*please be advised, it’s Ireland, sunshine not guaranteed.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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