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Belly Fat Burning Foods – The Truth

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Not gonna lie, I had to wait a few hours to calm down before I wrote this blog about what’s wrong with people promoting “belly fat burning foods”.

You see, I honestly thought we had moved on from the sh*t peddling, and that by now people understand that there’s no such things as “belly fat burning foods”.
But unfortunately it never goes away, and people are genuinely getting conned by it. What’s even more disheartening is seeing qualified trainers peddling this to their clients

So here’s the main foods that are always listed as “top belly fat burning foods”
1 – Oatmeal
2 – Almonds
3 – Olive Oil
4 – Eggs
5 – Avocado
6 – Berries
7 – Lean meats
8 – Whole grains
9 – Peanut butter
10 – Green veg

Before I continue, I just want to clarify that in order to lose fat you need to be using more energy than you take in.

This is achieved by either eating less than you expend, increasing energy expenditure or a mix of both.

Now for people to go listing foods as “belly fat burning” is just plain ridiculous and ignores the whole biological premise of energy balance.

belly fat

The 4 that I have a real issue with are Almonds, Olive Oil, Avocado, Peanut Butter.

100g of Almonds contains approximately 575 kcals,

100g of Peanut butter has around 580 kcals (or 2 tbsp is around 190kcals – very easy to over consume)

1 tbsp of Oilive oil is around 120 kcals.

1 medium avocado is hitting around 240kcals

So the problem with saying that these foods burn belly fat is crazy because it can easily lead one to believe that by eating more of them that they will lose more fat.

When in reality they are unfortunately consuming a lot of calories they are unaware of and therefore leading to further weight gain, not weight loss.

If you really want to shed some fat, start looking at how much you’re currently eating and work out your daily calorie requirement based off your current bodyweight and activity levels (or get a coach to do this for you). Then start to improve your food quality, ensuring you’re getting enough nutrients in and add in some exercise.

It can take a while but once you get it together you don’t need to track it as you’ll have a good understanding of what your portion sizes should look like based off your daily calorie requirements.

Add in some activities that you enjoy and exercise and you’re onto a winner.

I honestly cannot stress enough – if you really want to lose weight, stop looking for shortcuts. Start addressing your Calories In vs Calories Out and you will without doubt make progress.

Have a good day!

Colm “rant over” Duignan

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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