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Transform Your Body In 2017 – The First Step

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2016 is quickly coming to a close, which for many means they’re silently thinking about how to transform their bodies in 2017.

It’s something we may not necessarily tell others, but it’d be pretty cool to have that toned stomach and arms, strut around with huge amounts of confidence and feel so sexy when doing the no pants dance with your significant other.

But there’s a huge underlying issue that holds so many people back from achieving that “dream body”.

* Failure To Address Your Problems *

I was listening to a podcast this morning by a transformation coach in the UK and he mentioned how this is such a key factor in helping clients achieve that dream transformation.

Now what exactly do we mean by “address your problems”?

Let’s take me for an example.

My biggest problem is using food as a comfort mechanism for when I’m stressed or feeling a bit down.

I’ve an emotional attachment to junk food that stems back from my early teens.

I’ve used food as a comfort mechanism to help me deal with sh*t I didn’t want to sort out in my head, my body and my life.

(I also drank heavily every weekend just to get out of my head for a bit)

Unfortunately, it kept escalating to a point where I tipped 18 stone on the scales.

One of the biggest turning points for me was the day I identified my problem.

And it should be where you start too.

Identifying your problems is key.

For many, they struggle with binging on food or alcohol (maybe both) in order to mask over stuff you’re unhappy with.

Maybe you feel lonely and use food as a companion to keep your occupied.

To be honest, it can be a whole host of things.

You need to do a big of digging with yourself to really go deep, find out what triggers these behaviours that are causing negative consequences and become conscious of them.

Once you are conscious of them, they can be worked on.

If you continue to ignore the underlying issues, then there is very little that can be done.

You’re essentially sailing a ship with holes in the bottom and still hoping you’ll get to your paradise island.

(Yes, that’s an attempt of an analogy to sum up how you want to achieve something but are failing to recognise the issues in your way).

As soon as you are aware of them, you can then work on developing a better understanding of yourself, your emotions and the behaviours associated to them.

It’s then possible to chip away at it and start to make changes, to break the habits, reprogram your behaviours and channel your emotions in a more positive way.

And let me clarify, I don’t mean emotions as in you’re lying naked in a bath, sobbing away while listening to Dido – White Flag.

A lot of people have attachments of reward to foods when they’re feeling great too.

People use positive emotions too as a justification to hit the beer/takeaway.

So over the coming weeks and months, step back from the confusion of the social media fitness frenzy.

Instead, spend time getting a much better understanding of you as a person.

Get to know yourself better and be in a position to develop as a person both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Once you begin to break down the barriers, you can then rebuild yourself into a bigger, better, stronger version of you.

In the words of Spock – “Live Long and Prosper”.


 P.s. Let me know what you think and I’ll cover a few more essential topics to set you up for 2017.

PPS. Would it be beneficial to run a FREE seminar to cover everything you need to know and remove confusion?

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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