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Top 7 Tips For Fat Loss

Welcome to the 7 Free Fat Loss Tips you can put into action RIGHT NOW!

This is aimed at people who are stuck in a rut and need that firm but fair kick up the backside to get going again.

So without further ado, let’s kick it off.

1 – Energy Balance

So whether you’re looking to lose fat or increase bodyweight, it all comes down to your energy expenditure.

To drop fat, you need to consume LESS calories than you expend.

To gain weight, you need to consume MORE calories than you expend.

Simple, right?

Well this is the #1 thing people overlook and/or get wrong.

Forget the fancy stuff you see online and get to work on the basics.

A rule of thumb to calculate your calories:

To lose weight – Multiply weight in lbs x 12 (e.g. 150lbs x 12 = 1800kcals)

Use this as a starter and go get the My Fitness Pal phone app and start tracking your food.

2 – Food Quality

Food quality has a big role to play too. Do not overlook this.

The quickest way to improve your overall health and body composition is to base the majority of your foods on minimally processed, whole foods.

So what does this mean?

Your main meals should be based around whole foods (meats, vegetables, good fats i.e. coconut oil, olive oil)

You should be limiting junk/processed foods to 10% of your diet. That means a huge reduction in bread, pasta, biscuits, chocolate etc.

Also, stick to 70%+ dark chocolate for snacks and make sure to drink a min 2 litres per day.

3 – Eat More Protein

This is of HUGE importance, especially for ladies looking to achieve a more toned body.

Protein is the building blocks to everything you’re looking to do, be it get stronger, add muscle mass or drop fat.

Eat around 2g of protein for every kilo you weigh.

Not only will protein help you with the above, but it will keep you fuller for longer and avoid snacking or overeating.

So, aim to add protein to your breakfast, lunch and dinner. And yes, protein shakes are safe but real food first, protein shakes later.

4 – Improve your mobility

Work on improving your joint mobility, muscular flexibility and your general posture.

By improving your movement quality will directly improve your daily quality of life.

Look into adding foam rolling, mobility exercises and stretching into your daily routine or maybe look at some yoga/pilates.

5 – Start Strength training

Strength training is king for improving body composition and kick starting fat loss. Plus getting strong is badass!

Too many people end up being weak from excess dieting and cardio which means the body is in a compromised position. By getting stronger you’ll regain posture and also avoid injuries.

Your main lifts will be Squat + variations, Deadlift + variations, Bench, Chinups, KB Swings.

Hammer away at those exercises and you will never go wrong.

(Please get some coaching on exercises apart from YouTube)

6 – Sleep

Ever think your sleep would affect your fat loss?

Well it sure as hell does.

Sleep less than 7 hours per night and you can wave goodbye to achieving those fat loss goals.

Not sleeping enough is a stress on the body and turns on the stress hormone Cortisol which pretty much eliminates all chances of losing fat.

Get some solid sleep cycles in and shoot for 7-8 hours per night.

Not only will you feel better but you’ll start to see the weight shift once you’re getting it all together.

7 – Consistency + Assessments

This is where the winners are separated from the losers.

Those who are willing to put the work in week after week, month after month are the ones who really make progress.

It takes time. Give yourself an honest timescale so you don’t lose motivation or think you’re not making fast enough progress.

Work on improving all aspects of your health and fitness over time.

There will be times you question it, times when you fall off the wagon, times to want to quit, but keep on going.

It’s a journey, enjoy it and learn from your mistakes as you go along.

Also, don’t just use the weighing scales to measure progress, use photo’s and measurements also. Re-assess every 2 weeks and make adjustments as you go along.

So, the 7 tips listed above are the foundation to seeing results. The ones who put the most time and effort into improving them will most definitely reap the rewards.

At StrongLife Gym, we don’t do anything fancy. We prefer to do the basics really well and with devastating effect.

If you need any more help or need to ask any questions, hit me up on

Peace out hombre.

Colm Duignan


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