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Our Top Tips For Having More Energy


Do you struggle on a daily basis to find enough energy to operate as a functioning human?

Are you fed up of constantly feeling tired?

Everywhere you look, there’s energy products and services being sold to you.

Whether it’s the coffee dock at your local petrol station or oils/tablets etc for energy, there’s rarely a day that you’re not exposed to it.

So it makes me question – why are we so lacking in energy?

The Energy Issue

I often wonder how we have ended up in a position where we are always lacking in energy?

Now I know Irish weather doesn’t really help.

Those long, dark winter days/nights are hard to get motivated.

But everywhere you look, there’s caffeine/energy products.

Yesterday, I stopped off to get diesel on my way home from Dublin.

In the shop, a school kid was chugging on a can of Monster Energy.

Now I don’t about you, but when I was in secondary school, the last thing we needed was caffeine.

Otherwise the teachers would’ve gone insane because we were already bouncing off the walls.

But in a more global sense, how are we so lacking in energy?

We live in an era where everything is at our fingertips.

We literally have to do so little for ourselves anymore.

Technology has allowed us to evolve to a level of efficiency not seen before.

We drive the car to the shop, we get food delivered, we carry phones in our pockets, food is pre-packed in shops and takes way less time to cook.

Tv has evolved to shows on demand services like Netflix.

Yet here we are, relying on that cup of coffee in the morning just so we can drag our ass through until lunchtime.

It doesn’t make sense does it?

Have We Gone Backwards?

30-40 years ago you walked to the shop, you spent time cooking your meals every day.

A phone call was when you jumped on your bicycle and tipped over the road to your friends.

Sure even in the 90’s you had to do the sprint from the bathroom to the landline to answer it.

(Why did the phone always seem to ring when you were in the bathroom??).

Every day was spent being active through work, socialising and out having the craic.

All my old neighbours would tell you how they’d travel miles to go to a dance on a Tuesday evening.

Now we hardly go outside in the evening in case someone might want to talk to us.

Sure jaysus, we don’t even go out to chat someone up.

We lie on the couch in your worst clothes while chatting someone on Tinder even though we’re actually too lazy to go meet them!

Back in the day, things were more simple.

We accepted life and just got on with things.

Nowadays, we look for the easiest way to do everything.

Back in the day, play time was out with friends – running, chasing, playing games until your mother had to come looking for you.

Now it’s all online, on a couch, with so little done outside.

Yet here we are, dragging ourselves through life hoping another coffee fixes it.

Spending your afternoon dreaming of getting home to your bed.

Needing a sleep in every weekend just to recover from normal life.

Tips To Getting More Energy

If you really do struggle for energy, here’s some tips to improving it.

Most are all FREE and do not require you to buy any magic potions or pills.

So let’s look at them:


I don’t mean to sound like your  mother, but lack of sleep or simply disrupted sleeping patterns are the biggest issue when it comes to lack of energy.

Instead of clicking “Next Episode” on that TV show, maybe turn off the light and go to sleep.

Getting a regular sleeping pattern means your body will getting into a better sleep routine and you should feel better rested after a good 7/8 hour sleep.

Look at keeping a regular bedtime with the odd exception at weekends.

Also try and limit screen time within 30 minutes of bed.

Try reading before bed as it should help your mind wind down and drift off to sleep.

2. Exercise

Ah here, I’m already wrecked tired, now you want me to exercise?

Yes I do.

Our bodies are designed to be active.

We evolved from hunting our own food, foraging and playing.

We were also battle hard to fend off any threats.

As we evolved, we’ve become soft.

But we’ve also become less active.

And our bodies do respond exceptionally well to exercise.

It releases good endorphins which will make you feel great.

So get out for a walk, hit up a dance class or go lift some weights.

You’ll soon know what I’m on about.

3. Eat Some Vegetables, Cut Out The Junk

This one is all about those sexy vitamins.

Eat some more vegetables, especially green leafy veg.

Or if you do struggle to regularly eat veg, then throw in a multi-vitamin supplement.

We’re mainly looking at topping up your B-vitamins which can really help with energy.

Also, cut back on the junk food.

You never chomp down chocolate and feel ready to take on the world.

Tidy up your nutrition by focusing on food quality lean meats, vegetables and fruits.

Keep a limit on the amount of junk you consume.

4. Stop Relying On Caffeine

Bit of a strange one, but stop relying on caffeine just to drag yourself through every day.

If you honestly need several coffees to just get through your day, then there’s some definite holes in your lifestyle and diet.

Coffee will simply just paper over the cracks.

But you will never fix the underlying problem until you address all the above.

5. Stress Reduction

Stress can be a huge reason why we struggle to function.

We lie awake at night running all the problems through our minds which affects our sleep.

Stress can also affect our food choices which impacts a few areas already covered.

Whether you need to take time out each day to disconnect, take a yoga class, go for a walk, or journal before bed, do it.

Because keeping a good mental space is healthy for us in so many ways.

Stress never gets us anywhere.

Try out some techniques and see what works best for you.

6. Weight Loss

Mainly tied into the nutrition side of things, but so many clients always report a surge in energy levels when losing weight.

It can be combination of more veg, better nutrition, exercise and a heightened feeling of well-being now that they have chosen a healthier lifestyle.

So if you are carrying a few too many pounds, look at dropping a few and see how that feels.

Go Get Your Energy Back

So there’s a few simple things you can do to start getting more energy.

Use coffee as something you enjoy, not something you need to function.

Avoid the need to buy pills, oils or drinks to just get energy.

We are already capable of having all the energy we need, we just need to get back in tune with our bodies.

And it all leads to a healthier lifestyle too, plus you’ll end up with a few extra euro in your pocket.

Hope this helped.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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