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There’s No Such Thing As A Perfect Diet

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So when it comes to diets, I genuinely believe there is no such thing as a perfect diet.

Okay, I’ll admit that there is such thing as a “perfect diet” but I don’t view it as realistic.


But the perfect diet that everyone thinks of that is going to magically transform their body is not always one that will match their lifestyle.

Want to get super shredded?

Prepare to give up beer, sweets, chocolate, eating out etc.

Instead, you’ll spend hours every week prepping meals, counting food to the gram and stressing over hitting your macro’s.

In this situation, this type of diet will improve your body composition.

However, like any diet, they will always have trade offs.

When dieting to lose weight, social situations involving food are a nightmare.

Everyone else is enjoying their food, having a beer and you’re sitting their trying to convince yourself not to break out.

Life is stressful enough too, and adding in extra stress by trying to have a “perfect diet” will only add to your issues, not solve them.

Yes, you may start to have a better physique but in reality your mental health will be taking a beating which in the long run is not a good thing.

Then comes the body dysmorphia you may develop. You know the one where you hate a certain part of your body, never want to see yourself in the nip and despise clothes shopping.

Overall, you can start obsessing over your weight, how you look and begin to punish yourself if you break the diet or not lose weight that week.

In all, it can add a nasty side to your life.

The reason why I think the “perfect diet” isn’t realistic for the majority.

Instead, any diet should be about giving you a proper structure on how to eat.

It should be about optimising your health and longevity.

Decrease the stress involved with eating and meals. You’ve enough of that in your life already.

Enhance your mood, energy and performance by fuelling and nourishing your body with good foods.

Improve your body composition without having you going off the head trying to do so.

And most of all, it gives you the freedom to enjoy family/friends time and not feel left out because of what you put in your mouth.

I’d rather you follow a “good” diet and have a life than strive for perfection and be miserable.

A consistently good diet will keep you healthy, allow for some indulgences and lead you to living a good quality of life.

Build a good relationship with your food, your mind and your body and you’ll reap the rewards long term.


If you’d like to do a big more reading then I highly recommend this E-book by the fantastic Dr. Mike Israetel who echoes a lot of my views:

Understanding Healthy Eating


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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