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The Making It Count Method


Making It Count in the gym.


So I’m in Thailand at the moment and we’re travelling around a lot


So unfortunately, training isn’t getting done half enough


And I’ve given up trying to train powerlifting while I’m so disorganised


So I’m going with a M.I.C method


And that is simply – “Making It Count”


Training sessions aren’t planned, equipment isn’t guaranteed and I can go 4-5 days without getting near a gym


So on the days I do make it to a gym, I simply hit it hard and make it count.


No point stressing over what’s not getting done, just focusing on what I can get done.


And I won’t lie, I’m loving it.


It’s 30+ degrees here every day which means I don’t want to be slogging in a gym. 45 minutes and I’m done and out enjoying the sun sipping on a protein shake (most gyms have their own protein counter – I’m considering it for in the future).


So how does this relate to you?


We’re in summer time which means some evenings you have so much on (and the weather is awesome) so you don’t get to the gym


Don’t go stressing


Keep your nutrition on track (somewhere in the 80-90% mark) and whenever you do make it to the gym


Make. It. Count.


Forget about what you’ve missed. Don’t leave anything for the next session.


Walk in with a purpose


Know what you’re gonna do


And just hit it hard.


Breeze out the door an hour later knowing you made the most of that session.


Stressing over missed workouts never amounts to anything.


Whenever you do make it to the gym, get it done.


The last 2 weeks has taught me 2 things:


I can put together a kick ass workout with random equipment and weights


I had forgotten what it’s like to walk in and just hammer out a session without following a structured program.


And it has all felt so good!


So much so, I’m going to keep a certain part of my training like this for the next while!


If you need any help or questions asked, just hit me up on


Hope you’re well and happy.


Colm “vests and bro-tein shakes” Duignan

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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