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The Truth About Weight Loss Products


Today it’s time to dive into the truth about weight loss products.

For what seems like an endless amount of years, weight loss products and gimmicks are advertised daily to give you magical results.

But if you’re looking to lose a few pounds, do any of them even work?

Or are you just losing money out of your own pocket to be left stuck in the same place you were?

What’s The Key Factor Behind Weight Loss

In the simplest terms –  the key to weight loss is to eat less cake and get off the couch more.

Honestly, the ONLY way to lose weight is to expend more energy than you consume.

Simply put, you need to eat less food (energy) than you expend (move about) each day.

Science has proven this over and over again.

Yet one a weekly basis, weight loss companies are making millions selling products promising magical results.

It’s not your metabolism, it’s not your genetics, it’s simply that you put too much food in your mouth and don’t move enough.

How We’ve Evolved Into Such A Weight Crisis

So at the moment, I’m looking into the evolution of our weight gain.

100 years ago, we actually ate a similar amount of calories.

However; things have massively changed on our activity side of things.

100 years ago (and sooner), we were far more active.

Meals took hours of preparation, dishes and clothes were washed by hand, crops and vegetables were grown and harvested and we walked to town to buy groceries.

Cars were for the minority and we didn’t have phones and tablets to keep us on the couch.

On a daily basis, everything we done had us moving.

Even jobs were much more physically demanding.

But nowadays, we rely on office jobs, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers, meals come in a packet and we drive everywhere.

And food, especially high calorie foods, are ever available.

Cooking is a much less time consuming ordeal or we can even just get it delivered.

So we can start to see and appreciate where issues arise from.

The unfortunate problem we now have is that we need to actually plan to be physically active.

Instead of being active all day every day, we rely on a handful of hours a week to move.

Whether that is in the gym, out for a stroll at weekends or an exercise class.

It’s fair to say, we spend more time on our arse than we really should.

We’ve evolved from being wanderers and every active to becoming sedentary and relying on technology.

The Truth Behind Weight Loss Products

With the ever expanding waist line, the number of companies selling you products to combat it has exploded.

Herbalife, Juice Plus, Essential Oils, Clean 9 Detoxes, the list goes on…

We’re in a world where we all want to look good and be healthy, but by doing as little as possible to get there.

In the world of marketing, companies prey on the vulnerable.

The people who are desperately unhappy with their weight and are willing to try anything.

They tailor ads promising super fast results.

But the only results is you losing lots of cash and still being left unhappy.

I’ve had several clients come to me after doing the Clean 9 Detox thing.

They got amazing results in the 9 days, but 2 weeks later they were back to the same weight.

So the only thing lighter was their wallet of €150.

To be honest, I could have someone lose 7 pounds in 9 days by only drinking fluids too.

But I know that the weight loss reported will be mostly water weight.

And when they go back eating it all comes back on.

It’s why people are necking shots of apple cider vinegar and doing lines of turmeric.

So much confusion comes online as we scramble to find that magic fix that will effortlessly help us lose weight.

But the reality is this – no product will make you lose weight.

So the sooner you address your eating habits, your total food intake and focus on being more active, you will continue to burn through hard earned cash trying to find a solution.

And you will spend years seeing your weight yo-yo up and down.

The Reality Of Weight Loss

Stop looking for the quick fix, because you probably have done it already.

Yet here you are, still unhappy with your waistline.

So it may be time that you start to focus on improving your knowledge of nutrition.

This way you can really understand how it all works and how you can make it fit your lifestyle and still drop lbs.

And in a bid to help burn more calories, start doing exercise that you enjoy and look forward to doing.

Then focus on doing this for the long term.

It’s not just to look good, it’s about maintaining your health so you can live a fun filled life.

So avoid buying any stupid Skinny Teas and stick to the tried and tested methods.

And if you feel tempted to buy something, be sure to ask them to show you scientific evidence that it works.

Because most of the time they will just use shiny packages and big words to make it sound good.

Hope this has been of help.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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