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The Power of Pride – Catalyst or Inhibitor


Apologies in advance as this may get a bit deep.


When was the last time someone looked at you fondly and said – “I’m proud of you”.

I’m not sure if it’s just an Irish thing, but we tend to talk shit to each others faces.

Slagging, digs and extracting the urine.

Then when the person isn’t near you, you’re full of praise for them.

Strange isn’t it?

The lack of acknowledgement of pride can be debilitating.

But hearing the words “I’m proud of you and what you’re doing/achieving” can be a catalyst for greatness.

I’ve lived by the former, and only witnessed the latter in drunken conversations.

It’s something that is more common than I thought, and only recently I’ve spoken with people about this too.

Acknowledging Pride

See, in 2020, the world all seems to be boob jobs and Lamborghini’s.

Everyone is either killing it and living the perfect life, or they’re struggling on the streets.

Yet, here you are, sitting at your work desk, doing an honest job, doing your bit and living a decent life.

But comparisons will arise, and by looking at those flashing it online will always dampen how you feel about what you do.

It’s perfectly okay to hold a regular 9 to 5’er, pay your bills and pull a holiday off once or twice a year.


However, because you’re just doing your bit, people may never look you in the eye and tell you they’re proud of you.

That what you’re doing is great, that you’re a lovely person and that you’ve a lot going for you.

So, you drift along and sometimes end up questioning what you’re doing.

You’re inundated with images of cars, beaches, #livingmybestlife shite online.

And, if you’re like me who’s in a small town, there will be weeks where you feel like shit.

You wonder if what you’re doing is worth it, you feel isolated or you feel like you’re down the scale of greatness.

Well, today’s the day you stop that shit.

Take pride in your friendships, relationships and family life.

Because if you only ever keep looking at Mount Everest, then why bother climbing Croagh Patrick?

Take pride in yourself. You’re worth it, even if others don’t acknowledge it.

And take pride, celebrate and encourage those around you.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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