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What I Tell All Girls In Their 20’s When Joining A Gym


On Monday, I had a conversation with some new girls in the gym.

She’s here just over 2 weeks and it reminded me of what girls go through when joining a gym.

And here’s what I really need to tell all of you:

“Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself”

Generally, girls in their 20’s are highly impressionable.


You want to be skinny with a flat stomach.

You’d do anything to have a toned body.

That 10 lbs should’ve been gone last week.

You want to have perfect skin.

The bingo wings need to go ASAP!


It’s easy to compare yourself to others, to people in magazines or on social media.

And over time, it’s possible to develop a negative image of yourself.

You keep beating yourself up if you eat junk food.

Clothes make you feel disgusting and you wish you looked like X person.

Why does everyone else seem to have it so easy?

Sometimes you feel like it’s just not meant to happen for you.

Don’t Be So Harsh On Yourself All The Time

Give yourself a break. Stop beating yourself down.

Instead, look at the positives.

You’re now training in a gym, working on your food and becoming healthier.

All positives.

You may feel like the scales doesn’t move quick enough, but if the number is going down, then it’s all progress.

Celebrate the fact that you’re making good changes to your lifestyle, changes to your body and more importantly, changes that will in the long-term improve how you feel about yourself.

The scales won’t always show you the number you wanted  to see, but never let it dictate how you feel.

Use your clothes, mirrors and your general mood to assess your progress.

If you’ve gone from being miserable to now feeling good that you’re training, that’s a huge win.

If you’re lifting weights, eating better than before yet the scales hasn’t moved enough, don’t panic, you’re more than likely losing inches off your body and gaining some pleasant muscle in all the right places.


When girls are looking to lose weight, they normally want to lose a good chunk in a tiny space of time.

And if the scales isn’t moving quick enough or they’re being too hard on themselves, they resort to INCREASING their exercise and DECREASING their food intake.

All of a sudden the weight starts to fall off but this isn’t desirable.

Nor is it sustainable.

Once the level of exercise comes back down and food volume goes up, your weight increases again now that you’re not starving yourself and running yourself into the ground.


My job as a coach is to remove girls from the dangers of such poor mindsets and instead put them on the path to long term success.

But like any journey, there’ll be bumps in the road.

You’ll slip up, there’ll be social events or maybe you’ve just had a bad day/week.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Appreciate that you’re working on more positive outcomes and it takes time to improve your habits and lifestyle.

You’ll thank me down the line.

Have a good Wednesday!


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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