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Why You Can Lose Fat While Lifting Weights

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“I didn’t realise you can lose fat while lifting weights?” Saturday night I went for a pint with a friend. And during the night we talked about everything and anything. But one thing he said was that he didn’t realise he could drop fat while lifting weights. He was always under the impression that you […]

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The March 2018 Member Of The Month


I’m delighted to announce the March 2018 ‘Member Of The Month’ is none other than Stephanie McTiernan. Stepho has been a great worker here in StrongLife Gym. She’s one of the few quieter ones (yes, there’s only a few quiet ones in here). Yet she turns up weekly and gets on with her work. Although […]

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The 8 Week Strength Challenge Results

my progress, gym, strength

So last week we wrapped up our 8 Week Strength Challenge here in the gym. Over the 8 weeks, participants followed a tailored plan to guarantee big increases off the back of it. And I’m delighted to say that the programme worked perfectly with some really great results. So back in mid-January, 5 of our […]

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How Local Girls Get Strong In A Boyle Gym

GAA, strong

Ever since I dipped my toe in the gym, I’ve fallen in love with getting strong. And since opening the doors to my very own gym, I’ve loved seeing others get strong too. There’s something very rewarding about seeing someone develop strength, whether it be physical or mental. And if simply throwing weights onto a […]

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The 14 Day Kickstart Plan


The 14 Day Kickstart – helping you get back at it! Are you currently struggling with motivation to really kick off your fitness goals for 2018? Did you make big plans in January but life just got in the way? Or maybe you just haven’t had the courage to join the gym? The 14 Day […]

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Why Ladies Should Start Lifting To Lose Fat

challenge lifting

Ladies, are you lifting yet, because you should start to maximise fat loss. Today, we’re looking at the effect resistance training has on fat loss when coupled with dieting. Below are the findings of a study published by the International Society of Sports Nutrition. The study  took 40 women to assess what was the biggest […]

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