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The StrongBody Challenge – Starts January 9th


On January 9th, our inaugural StrongBody Challenge kicks off looking to give 8 people: A stronger body through dedicated strength and conditioning training The addition of muscle and the reduction of fat overall Increased fitness and power to carry over into daily life/sports Confidence in their clothes and body with new found curves and definition […]

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Transform Your Body In 2017 – The First Step

transform, bum

2016 is quickly coming to a close, which for many means they’re silently thinking about how to transform their bodies in 2017. It’s something we may not necessarily tell others, but it’d be pretty cool to have that toned stomach and arms, strut around with huge amounts of confidence and feel so sexy when doing […]

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The Christmas Transformation Challenge

christmas transformation

The Christmas Transformation Challenge is kicking off on November 1st. Fancy dropping half a stone? Want to shed 6 – 10 inches overall? Improve your fitness and tone up? Want to look fantastic in your new clothes over Xmas? So we’re almost upon the October Bank Holiday weekend. And that means Christmas is coming at […]

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My Own Weight Loss Transformation

weight loss

Here’s the story of my own weight loss transformation. West of Ireland born and raised, eating cookies was how I spent most of my days. No I’m not just going to rap my own version of the Fresh Prince to you, instead I’m going to tell you where I started and how I got to owning […]

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