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Belly Fat – The Bottom Line To Losing It

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It’s Friday and you’re probably already thinking about chilling for the weekend. But I’ll try and keep this light reading. With more and more ladies joining StrongLife, a common conversation I have is: “How do I get rid of this belly?” **cue girl grabbing stomach fat and pulling it so show me** I would only […]

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Do You Need To Eat Breakfast To Lose Weight


By now, you’ve probably heard the old myth that “eating breakfast will keep your metabolism in fat burning mode”. Or that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But when it comes to weight loss, does it really matter? Well here comes the most common answer to all things health and fitness: “It Depends” When it comes to […]

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The Core Definition of StrongLife Gym

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The Core Definition Of StrongLife Gym: I know you want to be able to live a life without being restricted with your diet and having to say no at every social event. (that person who only eats plain chicken with a leaf of lettuce is no craic, with our methods you’ll be able to enjoy foods you […]

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The 12 Week Summer Transformation


Are you already thinking of getting into great shape so your can enjoy yourself during summer? Maybe you’ve a class holiday planned and you’d love to be confident in your bikini? Or maybe you want to feel sexy and toned while the sun beams down on you? If you genuinely want to get in great shape, […]

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