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How To Improve Your Sleep For Weight Loss


A question I was asked yesterday was – “Should I be working on my sleep?” And the answer is – Absolutely. So throughout the next few paragraphs, I’ll dive into a few considerations of sleep and how to improve it. The Pattern Of Modern Sleep So we’re all guilty of staying up late binging on […]

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Why I Let Girls Keep Their Clothes On

clothes, self-conscious

I’m about to explain why I allow girls to keep their clothes on. Now before you get carried away, I’m not on about in the bedroom. Instead, I’m on about Transformation photos. Over the last few years, there has been an explosion of transformation photos depicting ladies in their underwear showing their progress in the […]

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Developing Gratitude With A Dose Of Reality


Not to sound too much like a motivational meme, but today I’m talking about developing gratitude. Not only gratitude, but about developing a sense of reality. About 2 years ago, I really developed the travelling bug. At the age of 29, I had finally got myself to the point where I could start seeing the […]

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The March 2018 Member Of The Month


I’m delighted to announce the March 2018 ‘Member Of The Month’ is none other than Stephanie McTiernan. Stepho has been a great worker here in StrongLife Gym. She’s one of the few quieter ones (yes, there’s only a few quiet ones in here). Yet she turns up weekly and gets on with her work. Although […]

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The 8 Week Strength Challenge Results

my progress, gym, strength

So last week we wrapped up our 8 Week Strength Challenge here in the gym. Over the 8 weeks, participants followed a tailored plan to guarantee big increases off the back of it. And I’m delighted to say that the programme worked perfectly with some really great results. So back in mid-January, 5 of our […]

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How Local Girls Get Strong In A Boyle Gym

GAA, strong

Ever since I dipped my toe in the gym, I’ve fallen in love with getting strong. And since opening the doors to my very own gym, I’ve loved seeing others get strong too. There’s something very rewarding about seeing someone develop strength, whether it be physical or mental. And if simply throwing weights onto a […]

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Why You Need A Personalised Gym Like Us

personalised gym

So here at StrongLife Gym, I like to see it as a more personalised gym. And having spoken to several clients recently, it really is just that! The whole ‘vision’ of StrongLife was to avoid the following: The isolation Walking in the door of the gym with nobody knowing your name. This is a very […]

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