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How To Survive Eating Out While Dieting

eating out

So an occasion that can induce anxiety when dieting is eating out. Whether you’re on a date, celebrating an anniversary/occasion or simply just not arsed cooking, eating out can bring a bit of stress. Many people declare “Oh I’ve to go for dinner at the weekend, that will ruin my diet”. No. It. Won’t. I […]

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Why You Can Lose Fat While Lifting Weights

training, lifting weights

“I didn’t realise you can lose fat while lifting weights?” Saturday night I went for a pint with a friend. And during the night we talked about everything and anything. But one thing he said was that he didn’t realise he could drop fat while lifting weights. He was always under the impression that you […]

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Why Movement Can Help Your Lower Back Pain

back pain

Can movement help you in your battle with lower back pain? Unfortunately, so many people currently suffer with lower back pain. Whether this has been medically diagnosed or they simply just ‘suffer’ it. It’s becoming more and more common. I don’t think a week goes by without getting an enquiry from someone suffering with back […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Be So Hard On Yourself


Today I want to outline why you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. As part of our Transform for Summer Challenge, we have weekly check-in forms. This gives my clients a chance to rate their progress, ask any questions and we assess what’s happening. After 8 Days, all clients are reporting some really good drops […]

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