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Do You Replace Alcohol With Food?

alcohol with food

I dunno about you, but Saturday nights can be pretty long if you’re not going out. And one thing I used to do was replace alcohol with food… Let me elaborate. Come Saturday night, if I wasn’t going out I’d think of all the calories I was “saving” by not drinking. Now by 8pm I’d […]

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See No Food, Eat No Food


So at the weekend, I finally got to go to Electric Picnic (been talking about it for 4 years but never took action – more on that later) and I’m currently dieting down for my next comp. But wandering around the arena on Saturday really proved the whole “see no food, eat no food” thing. […]

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The “Shift A Stone” Challenge


So today I want to shed some more light on the “Shift A Stone” program that has now been upgraded to become a challenge (thanks to input from current members). There’s been quite a bit of interest in it already so now I want to get into it a bit more. I want to help […]

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Regaining Weight After A Diet


We’ve all been there. You do so good on for 6 – 12 weeks only to rebound after you finish the diet and put all the weight (if not more) back on. It’s frustrating as hell. You feel like you’ve wasted your time. Like it’s just not meant to happen for you. You just want […]

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Try These Sweet Potato Wedges

sweet potato wedges

I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m pretty addicted to Sweet Potato Wedges. To the point that they’re almost like heroin to me! So today I want to give you the recipe to my own delicious sweet potato wedges I swear, anyone that I have fed these to have been addicted!! It’s extremely […]

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