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How Ollie Lost 22Ibs For His Wedding Day


Today’s StrongLife Success Story is all about how Ollie McTiernan lost 22Ibs for his wedding day! Ollie had been here in StrongLife about 2 years ago. But as with life, things happen which means your focus must go elsewhere. And it was during the summer I happened to bump into Ollie outside a supermarket. Of […]

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Should You Do Intermittent Fasting?

intermittent fasting

A question that popped through to my messages yesterday was about Intermittent Fasting. “I’m planning on making some positive changes in 2019 and one of those is my diet. I’m thinking of following an Intermittent fasting” protocol.  What are your thoughts?”. A perfectly good question. So let’s jump in and have a look at it. […]

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What Made Noelle Choose StrongLife Gym


Today, it’s Noelle Sammon’s turn to tell you why she chose to join StrongLife Gym. First of all, throughout this article, she may be referred to as Nelly Belly, Sammon of Knowledge or as she prefers to be called – just Noelle. I’ve dropped the ball recently because it’s been quite busy here. So here […]

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Our Top Tips For Having More Energy


Do you struggle on a daily basis to find enough energy to operate as a functioning human? Are you fed up of constantly feeling tired? Everywhere you look, there’s energy products and services being sold to you. Whether it’s the coffee dock at your local petrol station or oils/tablets etc for energy, there’s rarely a […]

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