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Dealing With Your Body Post Pregnancy


For new mothers, you may find it a struggle dealing with your body post pregnancy. It’s a topic that many new mothers experience, yet may not always talk about. And it’s something I see regularly when coaching clients. This article is partly motivated following a conversation with someone who is out the other side of […]

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Why You Need A Personalised Gym Like Us

personalised gym

So here at StrongLife Gym, I like to see it as a more personalised gym. And having spoken to several clients recently, it really is just that! The whole ‘vision’ of StrongLife was to avoid the following: The isolation Walking in the door of the gym with nobody knowing your name. This is a very […]

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Transform Your Body In 2017 – The First Step

transform, bum

2016 is quickly coming to a close, which for many means they’re silently thinking about how to transform their bodies in 2017. It’s something we may not necessarily tell others, but it’d be pretty cool to have that toned stomach and arms, strut around with huge amounts of confidence and feel so sexy when doing […]

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The Pressure Of Getting A Perfect Body

perfect body

We all want the perfect body, but in reality, it comes at a cost. And the pressure associated around achieving a “society approved” perfect body is ever increasing. Facebook. Instagram. TV. Everywhere you look, your mind is being pounded with images of people with this so called “perfect body”. The downside of this? Your feeling […]

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