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How To Survive Eating Out While Dieting

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So an occasion that can induce anxiety when dieting is eating out.

Whether you’re on a date, celebrating an anniversary/occasion or simply just not arsed cooking, eating out can bring a bit of stress.

Many people declare “Oh I’ve to go for dinner at the weekend, that will ruin my diet”.

No. It. Won’t.

I can confirm that 1 meal will not undo your diet, unless you consume enough food in said meal to feed half a village.

So are there a few things you can do to enjoy eating out while dieting?

Yes there is.

1. Don’t Go To Dinner While Very Hungry

Wait, I’m going for dinner?

Of course I want to be hungry!

Gimme a second.

Ever go for dinner/lunch and you’re so hungry (Hangry for ye girls) that EVERYTHING on the menu sounds so good!

To the point that you will order 2 starters, 3 mains and just keep bringing dessert until my top buttons pops on my pants.

So to try and mitigate the risk of letting your eyes do the ordering, try not to go for dinner absolutely starving.

That way you might actually order a nice meal, not a feast.

2. Display A Level Of Self Control

It can be easy to get carried away at dining out.

You feel a social pressure that people may think you’re weird by ordering a side of salad instead of chips to go with your steak.

Or you might not want to be that awkward one that asks the waitress to alter your dish slightly.

So when going to dinner, you can still enjoy nice food, just go there with a plan.

I tend to skip the starter and go for main course with dessert.

Why dessert?

Because dessert has to be one of the most social and satisfying part of eating out.

It’s the part when you generally just relax and enjoy the simple things in life.

Nothing crowns off a nice meal than being a total child and licking ice cream off your spoon.

Just try to avoid the chocolate pudding, it normally makes you look like you’ve dirty teeth!

3. What Foods Should You Aim For When Eating Out?

When it comes to eating out, a lot of calories are hidden in sauces.

So you could look more towards stir fry’s, steak, chicken dishes.

Aim for nicely cooked meats (grilled/bbq style), whatever Veg you enjoy and look out for high calorie sauces.

You can never go wrong with Veg and maybe limit the amount of chips.

I’d personally avoid pizza/pasta dishes, they tend to be calorie dense.

By aiming for more meat and veg, you will feel fuller after eating which should leave you satisfied.

Don’t forget, you can always get side dishes to share so you can enjoy them without going completely overboard.

By being a little bit stricter in your main course, you will create flexibility to enjoy dessert.

And this is where I’d go for that indulgence that will tickle your taste buds.

Never Forget – Calories Are King

When it comes to weight loss, you’re looking to consume less calories than you expend.

These can fluctuate on a daily basis and you can create an allowance for your meal out in the days coming up/after it.

So focus less on that one individual meal and instead look at what’s happening over your entire week.

If you run a bit over on one day, you can trim your calories back the next few days to offset it.

Too many fall into the trap of feeling like a failure if they have one bad day.

And that can lead to them downing tools and binging for a few days.

So never be afraid to enjoy social occasions.

Because dieting is about improving your life, health and well-being.

It doesn’t mean you need to hide in a fort eating from tupperware and crying looking at skinny photos of you at 16.

Chill out, keep on educating yourself on nutrition, work on your behaviours and habits and enjoy life more.


P.s. This blog was written after I built a fort this morning. I turn 31 soon. Anyone for jelly and ice cream?

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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