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The 12 Week Summer Transformation


Are you already thinking of getting into great shape so your can enjoy yourself during summer?

Maybe you’ve a class holiday planned and you’d love to be confident in your bikini?

Or maybe you want to feel sexy and toned while the sun beams down on you?

If you genuinely want to get in great shape, then now might be the time to start.

When it comes to summer, you want to enjoy the good weather we get.

And with that, you want to feel great in your own skin.

You want to be able to wear those nice dresses without being conscious of your legs and arms.

For once, you’d love to throw on a bikini and now be terrified of people seeing you.

Imagine strolling along the beach without being in your head worrying about your body.

Instead, you’re loving life and enjoying every moment there.

No more hiding under clothes.

Forget about bingo wings, belly fat or chunky thighs.

You can do it with some commitment and dedication.

And that’s where this comes in:

The 12 Week Sexy For Summer Transformation

Our 12 Week Transformation kicks off on March 6th and will run for 12 weeks.

That way, the programme is wrapped up by the 27th May, perfect timing for summer.

But what is the 12 Week Summer Transformation?

  • It’s a 12 week programme split into 2 plans
  • Phase 1 is our Shift a Stone template to boost your weight loss, melt off tonnes of inches and have you looking amazing
  • Phase 2 follows up with a 4 week plan to work on fine tuning your physique through targeted toning and striving to add some definition to your body.
  • Throughout the 12 weeks, you’ll get full coaching on your training
  • But not only that, you’ll be put onto our enhanced weight loss coaching plans also
  • This way, you can be guaranteed to see unreal results providing you do the work
  • Full support will be provided both individually and through a Facebook Group

And there’s 2 options available to you:

  1. Full Package to follow the programme in person here in StrongLife Gym (Both training and diet coaching) for just €240
  2. Online Package which will be Weight Loss Only Coaching for just €120

So if you want to avoid another summer of being uncomfortable showing off some skin, then fill in your details below:

I Want To Get Sexy For Summer

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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