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Do This To Succeed In Your Weight Loss Plan


So over the weekend, I was at the European Powerlifting Conference in Limerick city.

It gave me a world of stuff to learn and work on from a new programming framework that will be ran with clients this winter.

Technique improvements in both the Squat and Bench to maximise force.

And of course Nutrition was covered not just towards Powerlifting, but general dieting.

So Eric Helms of 3DMJ, (he’s one of the top science based coaches in the world) spoke about dieting.

And he has identified 3 Tiered Tracking towards dieting:

1. Best – Tracking Macronutrients

2. Better – Tracking Calories and Protein

3. Good – Tracking Calories

It pretty much means that the BEST way to get into great shape is tracking your Macros (Protein, Fat and Carbs).

If you find that a bit too much then focus on your calories and protein.

Still too much?

Then just focus on your calorie intake.

For anyone starting out, I mainly focus on Calories, then move to bring in Protein tracking before eventually moving into tracking macros.

But with any diet, you’re looking to make PROGRESS.

Now how do you assess this?

I’ve actually recommended this on numerous occasions, but hopefully a world class coach will convince you a bit more rather than that “lad from Roscommon”.

Assessing Weight & Adjusting:

(Our aim is to lose approx 0.5 – 1.0% of bodyweight per week to maintain muscle mass while dropping fat)

– Track your weight daily for 7-14 days and look at your average weight. (also do waist measurements)

– Have you dropped more than 1% bodyweight? Increase calories by 5%.

– Dropped less than 0.5% bodyweight? Decrease calories by 5%.

For ladies, I would track outside the menstrual cycle so you get a consistent reading without fluctuations.

I would also consider tracking weight again during the menstrual cycle so you can gauge how much your weight fluctuates during your cycle.

Key Considerations:

EVERY popular diet that works results in a reduction in calories to create a caloric deficit!!!!

Without a caloric reduction, you WILL NOT lose weight. End of.

So I strongly suggest people to stop looking for the next Wonder Diet and instead get to work on developing a better understanding of yourself and how to manage your own nutrition.

Because don’t forget, we’re all Individuals, so we will react differently and will need to work on certain aspects of diets unique to ourselves.

​​​​​​​​Hope this helps!


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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