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Do You Struggle With Food At Weekends?


A common complaint people have is struggling with food at weekends.

And it’s fair to say, it’s something we can all suffer with.

So many of us can be really good and on track Monday to Friday, but come Saturday the wheels start to fall off.

And by Monday morning, you’re shamefully trying to undo the damage of the weekend.

But why does it happen?

Well let’s take a look.

For most of us, we work Monday to Friday.

So you have a routine.

You know your work hours and the rest of your day falls around that.

Not only that, but your work may also dictate your meal times, so you can mentally prepare each morning knowing what time your meals will be.

And then when you get home it’s just a case of cooking a dinner and that’s really it.

But come the weekend, that routine suddenly doesn’t exist (for those who just work Mon – Fri).

Saturday and Sunday means there’s no work to dictate your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So all of a sudden, you’re left with lots of free time to yourself and possibly a lack of planning when it comes to meal times.

And that can mean to the later breakfast, possibly a skipped lunch and then the cravings hit you at 7pm so a lorry full of Chinese gets ordered because you suddenly “forgot” to eat.

Or maybe a few pints/wine gets drank and then Sunday morning is a groggy head on you while you cook a fry.

Then by evening you’re feeling lazy so the pizza magically appears in the door.

10pm Sunday night you say a few Hail Mary’s and say “Diet starts tomorrow” for the 1,047th.

But is there anything you can do to help your food habits?

Yes there is.

It’s simple, but it does require you making a conscious effort.

Have A Plan.

Sounds simple, right?

What I mean is this – when you wake up on a Saturday, have a plan in your head about what meals you will have and when.

Then have those foods in stock in the house. Because we all know if you hit the shop on a Saturday morning those cookies can magically jump off the shelf into the basket.

Structure your meals into your day and work to become more consistent week after week.

There will be times it doesn’t work out, but by making a conscious effort consistently you will get it right more times than not.

And over time you will suddenly notice your weekends are “better” and you’ve decreased the binge eating.

And all this will result in your seeing better progress in the long term whilst also gaining more control over your eating behaviours.

I wish it sounded sexy, but unfortunately it all boils down to Planning, Adherence and Consistency.

Because without any of those, you may well be setting yourself up for failure.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend and mind yerselves!


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Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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